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About BeardScript

Hi 👋I'm BeardScript and I'm creating Rogue Engine, an HTML5 Game Engine based on Three.js.



As a Unity3d developer, I was trying to find a good desktop solution that could give me a similar Unity-like experience for Three.js. Couldn't find anything to my liking.

Why Three.js?

Three.js is a powerful and very popular WebGL library; a proven solution that is a marketable skill in itself. This reduces the risks of investing your time in learning Rogue Engine, given the vast amount of reusable skills you'll acquire.

But Unity exports to WebGL! Why bother?

Unity WebGL export is good enough for some use cases, but not only your small project will be huge and destroy the memory heap, but you also don't have easy access to the web environment. It's a different beast.

Someone probably made that already! Right?

The limited desktop solutions out there were not good enough for my needs and the rest are web browser solutions that required me to work online with limited storage unless I paid a subscription. I also couldn't use VSCode or NPM.

So I decided to create my own.

So, what is Rogue Engine then?

Rogue Engine is a complete WebGL development suite to create amazing applications and games for the web.

If you are a Unity developer, the editor workflow will make you feel at home.
If you are a Javascript developer, you'll be coding in a familiar environment.
If you are familiar with Three.js, you can make use of your skills right away.

If just one of the above is true for you, the other two will be a piece of cake 🍰

Rogue Engine is being built with developer happiness and productivity in mind to help you focus on your goal and maximize your creativity by moving all the unnecessary boilerplate out of the way and providing a simple and intuitive workflow based on proven solutions.

This is all very nice but, how much will it cost?

It will be free. I don't want to place a money wall in front of someone's creativity. I know firsthand how it feels to want to create stuff and not being able to pay for the tools.

How will Rogue Engine sustain itself then?

The Editor provides a Marketplace that helps in providing an income for both Rogue Engine and creators alike. I'm also working on other development services that will help in this regard, always with the focus set on making our lives as creators easier.

To achieve this I need your help. I am taking the risk and investing most of my time and money into creating a tool that we can all feel proud of. Your contribution is essential to make this happen.

Join the Rogues Guild, and be part of this journey.

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