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You'll get a warm, fuzzy felling much like a Ready Brek glow for helping out.
Pledge $2 or more per month
The same warm, fuzzy feeling, just a bigger number. Granted it's 100% bigger, but keep thinking of the warm fuzzies.
$5, are you sure?!?!
$5 or more per month only 78 left

The $5 tier is over twice the size of the $2 which is amazing and so generous. You are flipping awesome for doing this and we are humbled.

Big hugs all round.

Pledge $20 per month
$20 or more per month only 11 left
The $20 is, believe it or not, 20x bigger than our lowest tier.  We would love to give you something physical for your 'buck' but we're producing podcasts which are not really a tactile object.

Please believe us when we say we really do appreciate every single piece of support and dropping $20 on Rogue Two Media is just amazing.