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* Name credits will be published in all upcoming youtube videos

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Who we are?
Rogue Wolf Creations is an advocacy driven media production house from the Philippines that aims to promote artistry, philosophy, spirituality and love for country in their original programs. Through these virtues, we aspire to bring about social change and audience empowerment. We believe that our brand of media can help in partaking nationalism and self-discovery and thus serve better information dissemination to the world. We believe that seeing positivity in every situation can help inspire and uplift the morale of the Human spirit.

Committed to unite the Filipino people, our team invoke advocacies to the welfare of human societies. We strive to introduce an innovative approach to our products that would rise to new perspectives, new ideas and new ways of thinking.

What are we doing?

Our team create and develop online webisodes. We also offer the following media services in order to upgrade our equipment and for our mobilization:

-Online Advertising
-Event Coverages
-Advertising Campaigns
-News Media
-Advertising Conceptualization
-Corporate AVP

We also give free seminars and workshops for students and free video coverage for school events.

We also conduct events such as meditation sessions and other artistic events like poetry readings; all are held in the studio multi-function hall.

Why are we doing this?

Rogue Wolf Creations strongly believes that media is an extremely powerful tool. It can either make or break, repress or liberate, promote or hold change, influence or persuade, thus we choose to side with the positive version of the truth.

It is a fact that major networks in our country are ran by affluent families and so they may downplay some information that would not serve their economic and political interests. Media has always been biased and it can never be unbiased; and so our team chooses to see the beautiful angle of the truth and move people to be more productive. We want to create a media na “maka-masa at para sa masa”. (for the masses)

We are intensely passionate to spark the minds of the young generation into molding a new era of media that is not profit oriented. A media that is more emphatic and not self-glorifying.

Why we are crowdfunding?

Since Rogue Wolf Creations started as an initiative project 4 years ago, our team was blessed with supporters that also adhere to our noble cause. They have provided us with an office and production equipment, however, since we do mostly advocacy stories, our returns couldn’t make it up to upgrading our equipment to further our goals.

We are also undermanned and so we can’t extend our advocacies to a wider audience. If we wish to hasten our cause, increase the number of clients, then reaching out to more people can help us spread our modest intentions.

The faster that we can acquire new equipment, the faster we can get clients and use the funds for our mobilization and create more online content. The faster that we can inspire people, then the more we contribute to nation building.


Pepper Bobadilla – Executive Producer

Pepper Bobadilla is founder and creative director for Rogue Wolf Creations. He is currently enrolled in the University of the Philippines taking up MA Media Studies Film.

He is a former senior producer for ABS CBN News and Current Affairs and produced award winning episodes for the most awarded educational program in the Philippines – Matanglawin. He used to be copywriter and offline editor for ABS CBN Sports and Action.

A television savvy, he has honed his skills prior to his ABS CBN tenure in various production houses that produced Toyz TV (TV 5), Stoplight TV (Studio 23), AutoReview (PTV 4).

As an editor, he once became an inhouse editor for Sinehan Digitales, a pioneer of Independent Film studio in the Philippines.

Contact us


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[email protected]

235 2/F Sanly Corp Bldg. P. Tuazon Blvd., Cubao Quezon City Philippines (in front of Portovita at the back af Ali Mall)

[email protected]
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Artist's in the Philippines are often called "the struggling artist". Our compensation are often average to almost none. Most of us do menial jobs in order to sustain what we do.

This will help us concentrate on the creatives while our basic needs are addressed.

Thus production efficiency is doubled and content will improve.

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