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I am Petar Nikolić, known online as Rohirim91. I am a software engineering student and a video game modder since 2012. Currently, I am working on 3 mods - one for each othe following games:

  • The Lord of the Rings: The Battle for Middle-earth
  • Europa Universalis IV
  • Warcraft 3 The Frozen Throne

You can find more information about my mods on my ModDB profile page.

Why Support Me?

I will keep this simple - I am a student studying 400km away from my hometown and making mods takes time and effort. If you like my work and would like to see more of it, feel free to support me. Despite modding being an enjoyable hobby of mine for years, it wont earn me food.

I never had nor will charge people for my work. I want everyone to be able to enjoy my mods with no limitations, but I also want those interested in supporting me to be able to do so in a simple and convenient way.

What Do I Do With The Money?

The money I earn from pledges is used for software licenses, emergency hardware purchases and repairs and sudden costs that affect development. If I start earning more than I need for these expenses, I will use these funds to pay 2D&3D artists and voice actors to speed up the development of my mods and improve their quality.


I do not wish to limit he amount of content available by ones ability to spend. I will make no exclusive content and I have no reward system in place - at least for now.

If I get a few dozen supporters I will create a reward system of some sort, most likely in the form of getting to play new versions of my mods before the official release dates or having access to any videos I make about my mods a few days in advance.
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Upon reaching 10 patrons, I will organize a tournament in one of my mods. The mod will be selected by the patrons.
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