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About RohZima

About me:
Hey, I have been modding since 2015.

I started with Oblivion, then moved on to Fallout 3 as well as now, Fallout 4 and Skyrim.

Modding eventually took over my life, and I now have hopes to eventually become an indie game developer.

I need to build experience and skills while earning enough to pay for the subscriptions to software and training I need.

I don't have a job, all my qualifications are outdated and I am at home looking after my kid while my partner is out working.

I am not a bum, I am not lazy, but I only do things I love and which give me a sense of purpose.

I spend what free time I have modding, my mods have improved greatly thanks to my patrons support which keeps me going.

Check out my full list of mods on my >>> blog

How my Patreon works:
There are basically two tiers, one for "downsized stuff" and one for "regular sized stuff."

When you pledge $3 you get early access to regular mods, which will be made public later.

When you pledge $10, and your payment is processed, you get access to downsized mods.

I am unable to freely publish these mods on sites like Loverslab, and because they are niche, high quality and rare mods, I decided that they will be patron only mods.

How to get the mods:
Babette tier patrons must have a processed payment before they receive the download links through message.

Executioner tier patrons must message me when they pledge so I know to send them links.

At the beginning of each month I will send out the links to the latest version of each pack to make sure processed patrons are up to date

List of animation mods and current status: 
Babette Tier:
Pixie Pack - Ongoing
Fairy Pack - Finished
Squire Pack - Paused

Executioner Tier:
Regular Pack - Paused
Hentai Pack - Finished
RZIAP - Finished
Monster Pack - Coming soon..?

Even if a pack is finished or paused, I still like to update them with fixes and improvements from time to time...

Follow me:

Patrons can message me on patreon, I always respond.



58 of 100 patrons
If I get 100 Patrons I will make a creature SLAL pack designed around the best quality non vanilla creatures available! 
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