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From little things big things grow.. Big thanks for the support!

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It wouldn't take too many beers to make a big difference to the channel! Big thanks for the support!

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About RoKKiT KiT

Welcome to the Fishing & Nice Persons Club! The time has come to push hard for the dream.. i've never really been comfortable asking for hand outs for something that I treated as an enjoyable hobby, but as the youtube channel grows and family commitments ramp up, it's becoming more important to justify to the wife why I bother putting in so much time to youtube :) Please check out the "Goals" panels and click through to see to see what becoming a patreon will mean for us and what I can commit to the channel if they are reached.

If you decide to contribute all I can say is "thank you" for the support. Know that your contribution will go towards growing not only a fishing channel but also a family. I hope you enjoy the journey.. it will be interesting to see where this all ends up.

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