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Backers will also gain access to our collection of unpublished and abandoned actual play b-sides. 

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Backers will also gain access to our collection of unpublished and abandoned actual play b-sides.



About The Roleplaying Exchange

About Us?
The Roleplaying Exchange Is a tabletop role playing game podcast. We release three episodes per month: two actual plays, and one that is either tabletop discussion or interview with a game designer.
What originally started as three friends talking about how to be better tabletop gamers has slowly grown since the podcast launched in the spring of 2016 into a rotating cast of players.

Why Patreon?
We hear that money can be exchanged for goods and services. After two years we have come to you with our hats, and let’s be honest, probably a fedora or two in our hands to ask for your help. In order to keep growing and to provide you with better content at better quality we have decided to setup this Patreon. Initial money generated through the Patreon will go toward hosting expenses. Money generated after that point will go toward equipment and software to ensure the best quality audio possible.

But what’s in it for you?
Your patronage ensures that we can ‘keep the lights on’. If we can keep the lights on that it is easier for you to … peep … into our windows? Ok, so maybe that wasn’t the best metaphor. With your patronage we will continue to keep putting out top quality content each month.
We will also be providing Patreon backers with monthly episodes of our new topical show, Beyond the Wall of Patreon. Check our podcast feed for our premiere episode “A Gentleman’s Agreement”. As with anything that we record, listener discretion is advised.

Speaking of things we recorded, Patreons also have access to all of our unpublished content.  Most of these recordings are comprised of campaigns that fizzled out, one-shots, and session zero (character creation) content to current or upcoming RPX games.

Also, patrons that back at a higher level have an opportunity to game with RPX. Currently, RPX plans to run quarterly games for $10 backers.
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GAMES  At this level, we will purchasing new games to expand upon our gaming library.  
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