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About Rolisteam


DiceParser is the perfect tool to roll any kind of dice. You can play directly in discord.
The bot is using a powerful syntax to run commands. It provides useful features
  • Roll dice: !1d6
  • Roll in a range: !1d[-100..100]
  • Roll in a list: !1L[arm, leg, head, chest]
  • Several operators (keep, reroll, explode, sort, group, add, filter, unique, paint, if…)
  • Arithmetic computer: !123+12*4 or !(123+12)*4
  • Arithmetic and dice: !1d20+7 or !2d6+2d8
  • Dice rolling dice:  !(4d6)d20
  • Several instruction at once : !2d6;2d8
  • Management of the final output: !2d6;2d8;"Score: $1 - damage: $2"
  • Macro to make long command shorter.
  • Aliases to run several commands at once.
For a complete overview, please take a look at the documentation:

DiceParser is part of the project called: Rolisteam.


This project provides several softwares to help people playing role playing games. Our main tool is called Rolisteam as the project.
It is a free virtual tabletop software. people can play Pen and Paper Role Playing Games despite long distance.
Obviously, it brings together many features to make the game easier (more information see below).
Rolisteam is a free software (as freedom). Any body has the right to use it, to study it, to amend it and to publish it. Rolisteam respects your privacy.


  • Maps
  • Picture sharing
  • Dice rolling
  • Character Sheet & Editor
  • Instant Messaging
  • GM Toolbox
  • 3 Music players
  • Customizable Interface
  • Translation in many languages
  • Cross platform (Windows, MacOS and GNU/Linux)
  • And many others…
Please, take a tour of our Website for details about Rolisteam
source code.

Now, Rolisteam is more than just a software. It is an association and a community.
The association works on promoting Pen and Paper Role Playing Game and Free software (open source software). It is a bridge between those two worlds.
Rolisteam takes part in several events:
  • Free/libre software ones: RMLL2017, PyConFr, PSES (Paris)
  • RPG ones: Japan Expo/Comic Con (Paris), Eclipse (Rennes) 

Where we went !

This project aims to explore new horizons. We want to try new technologies, or new ways to bring it to people in need.
So, we decided to provide a full functional Character Sheet Designer software called RCSE. There is no need of technical background to make your preferred game's character sheet.

The community has already made and shared several character sheets.
Our goal is to provide tools to creators, so they can reach  a huge level of immersion.

On the other hand, we like to offer new ways to the large community of RPG players. So, we create a discord bot.

Where we'll go !

We want to improve several aspects of Rolisteam:
  • our softwares (visual aspect, bug, features)
  • our youtube channel (release video in english)
  • Translate the softwares in more languages. 
  • Port Rolisteam on smartphone and tablet. 
Please, take a look to the roadmap to see our current and next steps.

Where to meet us ?

Rolisteam community is mainly active on our official discord server. Join us!
We provides support, advises and help. If you need new features come and tell us what you need. 
If you don't want to use discord, we are also reachable on several other platforms. Please take a look on the contact page of our website.

Important links:

KDE's gitlab:

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