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About Critical Fit

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Critical Fit is a workout program that incorporates elements of tabletop role-playing games in its design.  With it, you can create a character with statistics that reflect your real-life fitness and go on quests to improve both your character and yourself.  There are five character classes that embody fitness archetypes, including the Fighter, Mage, Ranger, Rogue, and Druid, with more to come!

The program is designed to bring fitness to a demographic that wants to be fit and have fun doing it: gamers!  We believe fitness should be fun for everyone, no matter their background or experience level.  Critical Fit provides the framework, and you and your friends make the adventure special!

CritFit is joining Patreon to bring even more content to our fans and patrons: weekly workout videos, art, new quests, and monthly Q&A sessions with our creator and resident exercise physiologist, Daniel.  We would also like to branch into online training, providing one-on-one feedback to maximize your Critical Fit experience and results.  

We hope you will consider donating to Critical Fit so we can spread the word and get more of the world into the gym, embarking on epic adventures!
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