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About CJ

My name is CJ, and I create Roller Derby technology.

Since 2010, I've volunteered for the sport as a DJ, web developer, and software developer. I've seen the benefits the Roller Derby community has on the lives of those involved: greater emotional, mental, and physical strength; purpose; meaningful friendships.

Combine this with my twenty years of developing software, and I am in a unique position to contribute something great.

And I already have.

Since 2017, my software has been used for production: scoreboard, live-streaming, intros, videos, raffle tickets, and more. All in one application.

This software, called  Roller Derby Manager (RDMGR), continues to be developed with the feedback from the skaters who use it.

Why I'm doing this.

There are two major reasons I create technology for Roller Derby.

1: It's under-served, and the sport is growing.

Roller Derby is under-served by technology, and the sport is growing. I want to ensure the technology used in Roller Derby is professional, quality, and meets their needs. I have made great inroads into this with the largest banked track league, and want to see that it continues.

2: Enable skaters to contribute in a meaningful way.

Roller Derby is a sport primarily played by and run by women, from many backgrounds: hairstylists, doctors, lawyers, and software developers. Working in technology has shown me there's an under-representation of women in IT, and I want to enable them to contribute to open-source technology that helps the sport they love.

That's where you come in.

Developing professional software takes time and experience to get it right. The technology behind RDMGR has been in development for more than six years, starting with a WordPress plugin, to an A/V production system.

By becoming a Patron, you'll support my efforts to create great technology for Roller Derby. This grows the sport, improves quality of bout productions, and contributes to the growth of women in technology. Contribute as little as $10/month, or as much as you'd like; it's up to you.

As a Patron, you get access to updates, ideas, feature discussions, and voting in polls, directly from me. If you're not able to become a Patron, then please share this page. Both go a long way in improving Roller Derby.

- CJ

Latest Release: v.0.2.0:


RDMGR Features

  • Scoreboard (built with WFTDA and RDCL rules in mind)
  • Live-Streaming (camera + banner of scoreboard)
  • Media Playlist (videos, intros, sponsor slideshow, and more)
  • Raffle Ticket callouts
  • Penalty Tracker
  • Scorekeeper (we use this to put lead jammers on the screen during live-streams)
  • Other streaming tools
  • WordPress plugin to manage bouts, teams, skaters, an API, and more.


The current version of RDMGR (0.2.0) is written in TypeScript, Node.js, and React. While this has enabled me to rapidly develop the software, it does not lend well to more ambitious goals I have in mind, notably with video and audio. For this, I'm rewriting the software in C#/.NET, and WPF, which is a challenge, and already making great strides to catching up with RDMGR 0.2.0.

API: I've already begun work on an API model, and it's still in test. This will enable developers to create their own resources to store data generated by RDMGR, such as skaters, teams, scoreboard updates, and more.

WordPress Plugin: I developed a plugin that has features with RDMGR, such as Standings, Scores, and Schedule, using the WordPress REST API. With continued support, I could improve this plugin to better integrate with RDMGR, and provide a means for leagues to organize and manage their websites.


Repository URL: https://github.com/cjr3/rdmgr

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post
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