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Welcome to the Rolling Bad Podcast Patreon Page! 

         Thank you!         

  Just coming to this page is a real vote of confidence for us, and we appreciate it!!

  As with any endeavour, running a successful podcast costs money, and that's what this page is for.  We're hoping that you like our content enough to want to help out a bit.  Every little bit helps, and although we are not currently offering any subscriber reward program, we will in the future.

  Just so you know some of the details, recording the podcasts takes us between 4-6 hours, and then it takes another 3 TIMES that long to edit it down, re-sample, compress and do all the things that make the show sound decent for you, our loyal listeners!  That's almost all my hobby time!

  As for money, we have the monthly hosting fees, that is what allows us to be on all the sources you know and love, like iTunes, Google Play, iHeartRadio and all the others.  We have also paid for Microphones (good ones are not cheap) mixing equipment, microphone stands, cables, a laptop for Skype calls etc.

  It really is a huge undertaking, so YOUR support MEANS THE WORLD TO US!

So, we really mean it when we say THANK YOU!!!!

  We are using a monthly subscription plan, rather than a per show plan, because we think it's easier to manage for everyone involved.  We try hard to do the shows every two weeks, but major events like LVO, AdeptiCon and Nova will interfere at times.

Select a membership level
Only the Faithful
per month
The faithful keep us creating, trying and working hard to make this all possible!
Sigmar's Chosen
per month
This is really a great way to say thanks for a job (reasonably) well done!
Gorkamorka’s ‘ard Boyz
per month
The 'ard boyz know that cup of coffee a month will keep me editing late into the night!
The Emperor’s Chosen
per month
Now we know you like what we do, and you'll get to tell us how to do it.  We will poll these folks for show ideas, guest spots and topics!
The High Lords of Terra
Limited (4 remaining)
per month
Ok, You are the 'in crowd'.  You get to do a guest spot at least once a year and the topic is all yours!

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