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DICE WISE Entertainment Produces/Edits/Promotes The Roll Mongers Podcast Network of Actual play Podcasts, on several online hosts & venues, for you to enjoy!
With our Patreons getting early &/or exclusive access to Bonus/In Game effecting Content!
We are on You tube, Twitter @Rollmongers, i Tunes, Stitcher, Spreaker, Spotify, Face Book, Instigram & Google Play & Most generic Phone Apps, and More!
With Actual Play Podcasts of PATHFINDER 1st/2nd ed. & Star Wars RPG's
"Age Of Ashes" Pathfinder 2E Livestream / Vodcast on Twitch/You tube
"We Shot FIRST!" is a Star Wars Saga ed. Dawn Of Defiance Campaign
"DICE...Before Dishonor!"-Pathfinders 1st ed. War For The Crown AP
"Attack Of Opportunity!"-a Vodcast/Podcast & One Shot Games as a Behind The Scenes Look At US! &  Other Content Creators
"The Man From Osirion: Mummys Mask/Origins" Feature both the AP & Pathfinder Society Adventures 
"The Foul Play Podcast!" Pathfinders: Hell's Vengeance & Rebels (Currently In pre_Production)
6 of 800 patrons
-DICE WISE Entertainment becomes able to Sustain The Roll Mongers Podcast Network Full Time all Thanks to you!
[email protected]_JEFF_BALL becomes our Full Time Editor/Promoter & we have the means to bring on more people to assist in these & many other podcast related tasks as well! 
-More Seasons From of all our shows will drastically improve in Editing/Production/Promotion & Deadlines
-It's here where we can really dig in and get more shows out to you faster, with better quality!
STAR WARS &  Pathfinder AP'S & more all become Possible surpassing this goal!
MORE GOALS & Super Surprises to be announced!
All Podcast TRAILERS: All Shows Link
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