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Get access to our bonus campaign, Epyllion by Magpie Games!  This will release an episode once a month, chronicling the adventures of two dragon clutches, with Yako in the GM seat!
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About Roll to Breathe

Hello, and Welcome to Roll to Breathe: the actual play podcast delivering thematically-driven narratives through copious character melodrama! ...Except, not really. I mean, we do deliver those things, but this isn’t Roll to Breathe. This is our Patreon!

So, about us. I’m Yako, also known as Meg! Behinds the scenes, I take on a role as host and producer of the podcast, but in the first season of our podcast, I played the robotic hero Epoch. In our next campaign—Steel City Rhapsody—I’ll be playing Lena Wen, who you can see in our banner.

Back in late January of 2017, I had been wanting to do an actual play podcast for a while, but I had trouble organizing a group of friends to actually execute the plan. When we managed to synchronize our schedules and run a Masks campaign, I saw my chance and asked our group if they’d be okay with recording our session. They agreed, and today we’re sitting at the end of a campaign. What was a project we expected to get a little attention from family and close friends before fizzling out has completed one fulfilling narrative arc and enjoys an average of about 140 downloads per episode. We can’t thank you enough for your enthusiasm, and we’re looking forward to continuing to share our stories and characters with you through different games.

To continue this journey to the best of our abilities, we’d really appreciate a little financial support. It will go to paying the people who take time out of their weeks to create assets for the show, better audio equipment, and more original music. As a distant-future goal, we’d also really like to be able to play and record some special games all in one room together-- not an easy feat, seeing as we’re spread over three countries!

We’ve set up some rewards for backing us at certain levels. Our biggest reward is also the cheapest:

Epyllion: A Bonus Campaign

Epyllion: A Dragon Epic is an Powered by the Apocalypse title from Magpie Games. It’s an all-ages adventure in which dragons navigate a highly magical world, protect it from all-consuming evil and learn about friendship in the process. When I mentioned wanting to run it, I got six people interested, each of whom had their eye on a different playbook-- quite a feat, considering there are exactly six! So we’ve created two groups who have parallel, unique adventures in the same world.

The Onyx clutch is made up of Darn (Kyle), the well-mannered, clumsy apprentice craftsman; Jagi (Holly), the fearless and loyal daredevil; and Luka (show newcomer Trin), the withdrawn but empathetic Seer who is intimately familiar with the Darkness that plagues the land. The Opal clutch contains Tokarz (Jovian), the serious and righteous warrior; Fegios (Bee), the shy but stealthy nature adept; and Yorne (show newcomer Setsu), the eager and optimistic academic. Epyllion episodes will release every other week, alternating clutches, so you’ll usually get one adventure of each clutch a month. To learn a little more about them, you can listen to our sample episode: character generation with both clutches present, right here!

Thank you so much for visiting this page! Even if you can’t give us anything, your continued listening and feedback means a lot to us, and we hope you enjoy our next season.
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Year 1 in the Black: It turns out starting a podcast is expensive!  But at this much a month, we'll be able to recuperate our initial losses by February 2018 & start putting money towards bigger and better things.  Thank you so much!
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