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You get our undying gratitude and the knowledge that you're helping to keep the comic alive! Seriously, every little bit helps!

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You'll be able to participate in polls that dictate various aspects of the comic. Things like future story lines, character decisions and more will sometimes be voted on! You'll also get access to sketches of upcoming strips!

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You get everything from the previous tier AND you or an OC will be featured in the background of one of of the RTS updates!




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About Jim Nickabocker

Roll To Save is a slice of life webcomic that features a diverse cast of characters. There's shenanigans, misunderstands, misadventures, lewd but tasteful moments, and lots of love, respect and acceptance for everyone. It's pretty much a "feel good" comic.

This is a passion project that's been seven years in the making. The comic has gone through a bit of a development nightmare before launching in 2013 but has since finally gained stability due to sheer tenacity, dedication and love. 

The main purpose of this Patreon is to allow readers to be able to communicate with myself and each other and offer behind-the-scenes bonuses like showing off scrapped ideas, voting on various elements of the comic and even small cameos as a reward for those who feel like giving the comic a sizable financial boost. Heck you might even hear exclusive updates and news right here!

Every single penny that's pledged goes straight into the production of the comic itself, mostly compensating current artist Mason "Tailsteak" Williams.
$39.64 of $200 per month
This goal will cover our two usual updates for the month. This will allow us to make extra content like bonus art and maybe even one shot pages!
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