Romain François

is creating open source R packages and various R related tools

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I make (and contribute to) open source R packages. 👀 my GitHub page where most of my work lives and my website and blog

In the R ecosystem, I'm trying to focus on ⚙️ things nice and fast. nice essentially means subscribing to tidy/lego principles and make functions that are small, composable, do one thing right and play well with the magrittr pipe. fast sometimes involves other languages such as go or C++, to that end I'm one of the original authors of Rcpp and I am now starting to work on ergo

I realize that there exist more formal ways of getting 💵 for my work, like getting support from the R consortium et al. (and I might/will) but these are typically project oriented and don't really fit my workflow. Sometimes, I like to kickstart a new project because I've just discovered something 😎 that is not 📦ed yet (e.g. rsciinema), sometimes I find 👌 existing things and identify ways to help (e.g. this pull request to naniar) , sometimes I blog, sometimes I go to meetup and conferences, sometimes I just wander in stackoverflow, I'm never far from my twitter account @romain_francois, all that actually represents a lot of work. 

This patreon page is an opportunity for you to help me stay free and serene about spending 🕘:🕕 working on (my own or other's) R projects. I will your generous support for things like ☕️, renting a space in coworkin, ✈️🚄 to meetups and conferences ... 

Everything that I do is already out in the open, so I'm not sure about specific rewards here, but if you have💡 please feel free to reach out. I've setup powers of 2 pledges to illustrate some examples of what your supports helps me cover. I've opened the support repo on my github to (ab)use the issues to interact with you in the open. 

Thanks a lot for your support. 
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I work from an office in a cowork'in space where I have my own desk with my two 4K screens. This is where I have the most pixels to work with, and where I can truly focus on my work. 

Renting the space costs me 230 EUR per month. 
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post

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