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Eddy's New Best Friend

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As Eddy's aunt (or was it uncle?) always said: "Strangers are just friends you haven't met yet!" And Eddy LOVES making friends! So howdy, stranger, and welcome to being one of Eddy's new best friends!

Thank you for your support! Every little bit counts! Pledging this tier earns you:
  • Access to the Roman Machine discord and an "Eddy's Friend" discord role!
  • Access to all WIPs, progress on my creative projects -- posted on Discord!
  • A big hearty THANK YOU you can faintly hear off in the distance

Includes Discord benefits

One of Ren's Ducklings

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Sometimes you can't help but wonder where you went wrong. Was it the years of bounty hunting for anyone with coin? Channeling your rage into a deadly force rather than getting therapy? Getting involved in questionable groups to meet questionable ends? Was your village burning down at the hands of the Red Kaul not enough for the cosmic karma of the universe that it decided you can no longer know peace, and until your DEATH shall forever be plagued by a group of misfits that imprinted on you like ducklings? Oh wait, you DIED and those annoying ducklings brought you BACK to life. Wait, that didn't happen to you? Well, that may not be the case for you, but you can contribute to Ren's eternal strife by joining as one of his ducklings! 

DOUBLE thank you for your support!! Pledging this tier earns you:
  • Access to the Roman Machine discord and a "Ren's Duckling" discord role!
  • Access to all WIPs, progress on my creative projects -- posted on Discord!
  • First look at Morning Ashes's next pages before everyone else -- posted both here and on discord!
Includes Discord benefits

Honorary Member of the Wanderers

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Welcome to the Wanderers! Or, at least an honorary member. Running with this group, they can't promise you'll make it out alive, but they'll do their best to make sure you make it out in relatively one piece. And hey, if THAT plan falls through, think of how amazing it would be if the damage from your flying limb was the last hit needed to off the enemy? It's not very likely, but the chances aren't zero!

Anyway, I can't thank you enough for supporting me and Morning Ashes. 

Pledging this tier earns you:
  • ⋆✩⋆ POSTCARD CLUB ⋆✩⋆ Each month YOU get to vote on what is sent to you each month in the form of a special post card--could be a popular instagram doodle from that month, a postcard-exclusive doodle--YOU decide! (Shipping address required)
  • Access to the Roman Machine discord and an "Honorary Wanderer" discord role!
  • Access to all WIPs, progress on my creative projects -- posted on Discord!
  • First look at Morning Ashes's next pages before everyone else -- posted both here and on discord!
(**Postcards go out the first week of every month**)
Includes Discord benefits




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About Roman Machine

Well met, friend!

Welcome! Thank you for your consideration in supporting my work through Patreon! I have a deep hyperfixation appreciation for compelling characters, progressive storytelling, layered world-building, and a whole lot of angst. 

For two years, Roman Machine and Morning Ashes have been a labor of love that I am incredibly humbled to have so much support for, and am grateful for being enabled the ability to continue working on Morning Ashes content. Supporting me on Patreon grants you a boon of goodies, including but not limited to: 
  • Exclusive access to a highly active and engaging discord server, which has....
    • Access to all WIPs and sketch work. I post a lot of sketches that will otherwise not see the light of day in this server
    • Real-time story-telling of what is going on in-campaign
    • An hidden channel where you here Roman's deepest and most secret Morning Ashes spoilers...enter at your own risk!
    • An enthusiastic artist support group where you can be showered with love for all your works and/or receive desired feedback on your doodles
    • Only the finest of memes
  • Postcard club! Those who pledge at my postcard club tier get a postcard sized print mailed to them with a personalized message on every one! The print for that month is voted on at the end of every month.

I've joined (x tier here) but I'm still not getting access to your discord? Do I need to be manually added?
If your discord is linked to your Patreon (make sure it is!) it will automatically put you in my discord server. If it hasn't, or puts you in without assigning your proper role, make sure you have selected the right tier and your information is correct in Patreon. If it's still not adding you, please send me a DM on Patreon (NOT any of my other social medias). 

When do physical rewards ship out? Rewards for each month are voted on the last few weeks of that month, and are shipped out the first week of the next month. This way I can get everyone who pledges for that month. For example, April's rewards will be shipped out the first week of May, May's rewards will be shipped out the first week of June, etc. 

Do physical rewards have tracking? All physical rewards are shipped out via USPS as untracked letters, so they will not have tracking numbers. 

How long will it take for rewards to arrive? What if it hasn't come and it's been months? Due to the pandemic, rewards can take anywhere from 1-3 weeks domestically and 1-3 months internationally. Should your expected amount of time pass and you still have not received your reward, check to make sure your physical address is correct and you have not accidentally selected the option that allows you to opt out of physical rewards. If everything seems correct, please send me a message on Patreon (NOT any of my other social medias). 

Is there a cutoff date for receiving that month's physical rewards? Since one month's rewards are shipped out the beginning of the following month, you have until the last day of every month to get that month's rewards. For example, if you join the postcard club on the last day of June, you will still receive June's rewards. 

Is there a way to get past physical rewards? If I have any extra stock left over, I will sell the remaining stock on my online store whenever it's online! Being a part of my Patreon is a great way to keep up to date when the store goes live!

What if I've moved? Do I need to tell you what my new address is? Please update your address in Patreon, and it will automatically fix it on my end. Make sure you do so before the last day of each month so you can get your physical reward sent to the right place!
$28.18 of $50 per month
With this goal met, I will have NO out of pocket expenses for maintaining the comic website! As a thank you, I'll send each person who helped me get to this point a free Morning Ashes print--which YOU guys get to vote for which one you want!
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