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 Any amount of $2 or more will give you access to the dev blog. I’ll post once a week.

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About Romilly

Hi, I’m Romilly and this is my patreon page. Thank you for clicking.
My primary focus will be for comics and drawings.
My plan is to create a webcomic -- there is no working title and it is currently a work in progress.
[I created this Patreon in a hurry because.... you know].
I will update it with one chapter per month. I want this comic to be free online for all to read.

However, I also want to be flexible – there may be other projects that come up, like games or other short comics.
I'll update everything on the dev blog as well as twitter.

Your pledges will go towards the cost of maintaining these projects.
If we reach the goal, then I’ll be able to do all of this full-time – as such, the pledges will go towards living costs as well.

FOR NOW, you can catch everything on the single tier. If there's anything people particularly want (discord? icons? wallpapers?) then I can add additional tiers.

0% complete
I can work on the comic full time, and be consistent with my goal of one chapter per month. In addition, I will post full pages on the patreon per week.
So that would be weekly updates on the patreon + standard monthly chapter.
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