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♖ Exclusive Patron-Only Stories
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September 2020 Update:
I used to average between 5 and 15 new pictures a month, and the reward tiers were set up with that level of value in mind. But recently I've completely changed how I approach making art, and the last two months I've done 160 new pictures (or 200+ including rough/small sketches). So I reeally need to update and overhaul all of this info on patreon to reflect what you can expect... but it always feels better to use a day to draw 10 new pictures, rather than spend a day updating patreon graphics... so that's where I'm at!

Commissions re-opening soon! If you'd like one just let me know at [email protected]

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Index of All 2018 Content

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Index of All Stories & Audio Stories

April | Time Slots:

 Back In Action
Missy's Sunday Shorts
Felicia Is Fully Pumped
Allie and Heather
Jodi Is Getting Jacked

March | Time Slots:
Cosplay Vote
Titan Comic #5
Amy Prescott Pinup [B&W]
Futa's Bounty #11
Amy's Game [Color]
Captain Marvel [Color]
Character Sheet: Pendulum [B&W]
 Diamond Audio Episode Chapter 3

Commission Queue:


February | Time Slots:

First Timeslot Vote
Futa's Bounty #5
Valkyrie Comic #1
Girth Gauntlet – Brielle Is Back
Futa's Bounty #6
Cosplay #6: Felicia as Black Cat In Color
 Valkyrie Comic #2
Unreal Gains#10 | Joy Gets Jacked
Audio Story: Diamond In The Buff - Ch 2
Futa's Bounty #7
 Valkyrie Comic #3
Cosplay #5 | Color | Ivy & Harley
 Vote Result: B&W Pinup #1
Futa's Bounty #8-10
Valkyrie Comic #4
Brielle Fills The Sink | Color
Vote Result: B&W Pinup #2
Unreal Gains – Kathy Lvl 2
Juri's Bonus Stage  12345


January | Time Slots:

 Cosplay Vote: 1/4 - 1/10
 Futa's Bounty #1 | Welcome to Aestival
 Unreal Gains Vote:  1/13 - 1/20
 Futa's Bounty #2 | Meet Pendulum
 Diamond Ch 1 Audio Story
 Futa's Bounty # 3 | Quest Accepted!
 Cosplay #6 Felicia as Black Cat
 Futa's Bounty #4 | Aestival's Most Wanted
 Unreal Gains: Chelsea's Expo Challenge
Bonus Cosplay: Felicia + MJ
Unreal Gains Result: Chelsea In Color
 Cosplay #7: Felicia + MJ In Color
 Bonus: Voska The Unchained
 Bonus: Thessaly Thornblush


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