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The Order of Beetles: Numerous, widespread, and the world would collapse without them.

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The Order of Bees: The reason flowers smell sweet.

Flying friends, at this level you get all previous rewards and access to select drafts and WIPs that no one outside this Patreon gets to see as well as a digital copy of all books I publish myself or through Salt of the Earth Press.
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The Order of Bettas: Fierce and beautiful.

Finned friends, at this level you receive all previous rewards and  a monthly Q&A video from me where I'll answer questions submitted from patrons, either about writing in general or my books. You'll also get a monthly article from me with writing advice.
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About Rook Stone

I'm Rook Stone, author, editor, visual artist, and chronically sleep-deprived.

My publishing credits include the Witch Cycle and nine romance novels, as well as various pieces on Medium and many rambling threads on Twitter. I currently have plans for four other SFF series, but here's the problem: I need time and money. Like a lot of artists, my heart's passion isn't what's paying my bills. As long as I have to hustle to keep the lights on, I've got a lot less time and energy for writing. That's where you come in.

If you're not already familiar with me, my books and the settings I create for them always have hope at their centers. The frequently queer main casts are striving to care for one another and improve the world around them. Life isn't easy, nor is it for my characters, but I always aim to leave readers fired up for the next challenge instead of weighed down. While I love fantasy and science-fiction and certainly pay homage to some of my influences over the years, I do my best to create unique worlds informed by anthropology, evolutionary biology, and a healthy dose of weirdness.

Every month I'll have at least one short story here for patrons, but there's a lot more I can do if I reach my goals. With your help, I can make new worlds come to life and continue publishing the Witch Cycle. Once this Patreon and my royalties replace a full-time paycheck, I'll be writing three full-length novels a year, plus a couple short stories every month. And anything that I self-publish or put out through Salt of the Earth Press will be available here for my patrons to enjoy.

Beyond those basics, there are amazing rewards. These include access to my Discord channel where I give writing and editing advice, a choose your own adventure story, custom flash fiction, and signed copies of every book I produce when it first comes out in print.

I consider myself very lucky. Being able to share all of this with you and maybe take off some of the pressure of financial obligations so I can create even more is an astounding opportunity. I hope you'll join me, because there's nothing more exciting to me than knowing someone wants to hear a story.

Thank you.
$41 of $500 per month
Once I reach $500, I'll be able to cover a couple bills every month just from Patreon and royalties. Getting rid of those worries means more time and energy to write! When this goal is met I'll be writing two short stories a month.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 3 exclusive posts
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