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About Scylla

If you drew a venn diagram of “practicing faith mindfully”, “being kind to animals”, “treating spirits like people too” and just a dash of “pseudo-geriatric-cane-waving at the industrial revolution” you’d have an overlapping zone.

I’m Scylla and this little sliver of that diagram is Root and Rock.

Part of that - the “cane waving” part - has been about being the voice I wish I had heard as a youngster. Speaking out frankly about the good in 'occulture' as well as the bad and being practical where others often chose to be a little fantastical.  It has been about hand-crafting tools instead of buying or reselling items made under questionable conditions in massive factories. It has been, and will always be, about keeping myself centered on this little sliver of that diagram. It's time to not only be the voice I wish I'd heard, but to answer that call on a wider scale. 

A small bump in the road to this goal is, as usual, fitting it all in. For over a decade I've worked in a high-pressure field where personal time became more and more scarce, followed by a very serious 'career restructuring event' two years ago. This meant I had to take on additional jobs and that meant a lot less creativity.

Where do Patron Funds Go?

As it says under "Goals", patrons will be helping me build and fund my workshop, a refuge where I can work and write without bothering or being bothered. This will cover repairs to the space itself, power/water, supplies and travel expenses. Having this space to work in means I can begin offering additional physical patron-perks, branching out into new areas of skill and creation, dipping a toe into audio and visual media like podcasts or tutorial videos (otherwise impossible in a noisy household) and offering "Cycle Works". Higher goals will allow me the time to focus more on what I provide here, as well as to purchase memberships to university libraries, cover fees associated with research materials, and purchase hard-to-find books - ultimately enriching what I bring to my patrons. 

Like with any Patreon this is about the fine folks who like what I do helping me do it more. I'm starting slow; this is no 'kickfunder' with high priced products to sell.  Items offered are not purchases and do not constitute a sale - they are gifts in return for valued and appreciated support. And, as is a standard disclaimer - no supernatural claims are being made about anything presented through this patreon.

I thank all of you for your time, and for following along with my journey all these years. 
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Putterin' In The Workshop.

You’ll be helping to cover the costs of repairing, maintaining and supplying my private workshop. This will allow me to work on new types of items that aren't seemly for a second-bedroom office, and provide a quiet sanctuary for writing. At this goal I will introduce 'Cycles', more tiers, perks and another goal.
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