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The problem:
Getting mainstream media attention for Canadian roots artists has never been more difficult, especially for emerging artists and those who play traditional styles.  That means finding coverage of Canadian roots artists in the mainstream media is also getting harder and harder. Over the past decade, more than a dozen major newspapers have folded, as readers and advertisers migrate on-line. Those that remain have cut staff and content to the bone. Increasingly, we’re relying on a single media outlet, Penguin Eggs, to cover Canadian roots music.  We need more than that.  We need a home for Canadian roots fans online.

The solution:!

Founded in 2009 by Andy Frank and David Newland, RMC served as an on-line community space for Canadian roots music for around five years, with record reviews, artist profiles, song and video premieres, and much more. It was “edited” by a loveable moose named Gordy and had a great community vibe.   

In 2017, I (Heather Kitching) purchased RMC from Andy and David, and in April of 2018, I revived it.  My goal is to grow it into a sustainable on-line media outlet for fans of Canadian roots music and a place where those of us with projects to promote can reach those fans with news about our projects.

The pitch:
I’m asking you to help me crowd-fund to the tune of $1,200 a month Canadian.  That money will pay the overhead costs of the site, such as the domain registration, server space, premium plugins (software) for the site such as our listings and advertising managers, and development costs.  It will also pay me or one of my associates to spend one day each week working on the site: posting content, answering emails, dealing with technical and design issues, promoting the site, and doing whatever else is needed to keep it running and keep the fans coming back.

In essence, I’m proposing to run RMC in much the same way that many successful roots institutions already run: volunteers make the magic happen, but the essentials are taken care of by one or more paid staff members (in this case, one very part-time paid staff member).

If you’re a label, publicist, promoter or anyone else who promotes multiple artists or projects, please consider supporting the site at one of the organizational sponsorship levels in exchange for your own login and posting privileges.

If we exceed $1200 a month, we'll start paying the writers who write for us!

Who are you and why should we trust you with our money, Heather?

I am a 20-plus year veteran of the Canadian roots scene, I operated a successful roots music publicity business for more than a decade, and I also happen to be a qualified journalist and editor, so I have the business background, the journalistic know-how, and the passion for folk music needed to do this job.  Also, I'm doing the job now, and I haven't broken a single thing yet.  So far so good, right?

Many of you previously knew me as the publicist for artists such as David Francey, Alex Cuba, Jim Byrnes, Linda McRae and Steve Dawson. Some of you know me from my years as the national sales and marketing coordinator and in-house publicist at Festival Distribution. Some of you also know that I studied journalism at Carleton University, that I’ve done a significant amount of freelancing for SiriusXM, the CBC and others, and that I’ve spent the last four and a half years filling in regularly at the CBC, where my work has included reporting and editing for their digital platforms.

I see reviving as a great way to combine my passion for music and my skills in media, while offering a service that the roots community desperately needs right now.

$644.87 of $1,000 per month
(Our goal is $1200 Canadian dollars, but Patreon collects in US funds, so I've adjusted downward slightly to account for the exchange rate.)

RMC's future is secure!   Thank you!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 3 exclusive posts

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