Roquelaine Cyril is creating sculpture modeling and process video with clay

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in the workshop with me
$2 or more per month 16 patrons
For everyone pledging $2 or more, once I reach the first goal of $100/month, I will be sending out updates, behind the scenes images of works in progress,  I ll put several videos to show you  the all process of one sculpture, bust or figure. It's not a tutorial, but it s more like you are in my workshop with me to watch the sculpt process of my new sculpture.

pour un don de 2 dollars, vous aurez droit a une fois par mois une video d'un buste ou une sculpture qui montrera la totalite du travail a vitesse normale, comme si vous etiez dans l atelier.
some real tutorials just for you
$15 or more per month 31 patrons
access to the previous tier PLUS  you have access every month to 2 masterclass videos, once I reach the first goal of $400/month, real tutorials arround the sculpture, the armature, the anatomy, the tools, the molding process, some review of book I use for the sculpt, some other artists could be here to show you other things arround the sculpture world... Not just a video sculpture but a real explanation why I do that on my sculpt.

pour un don de 15 dollars vous aurez droit en plus du premier dons a des videos de tutoriaux expliquant la sculpture, l anatomie, le moulage et bien d'autres choses autour du modelage.
personal masterclass
$50 or more per month 2 of 5 patrons
Access to the previous two tiers PLUS an hour of personal chat time where we can discuss any subject you desire. I worked in different worshop for different companies, in different scales and with different materials,  I'm sure that I can offer you helpful advice concerning your art. I can also customize tutorials specifically for your interests during the hour we spend together. You will be able to cancel or change your level of patronage at any time.

en plus des deux premiers dons vous aurez droit a 1h par mois d 'entretien avec moi en posant les questions que vous voudrez autour du sujet de la sculpture, 1 h par mois de coach en quelque sorte.
the patined resin bust of the month just for you
$150 or more per month 2 of 15 patrons
every month I'll sculpt a bust, in fantasy universe, monster or human, you could watch the process on a video, and at the end of the month I'll send to you the bust in patined resin, it would be never edited, just for you in really limited edition. (don t forget to add the shipping cost)

tous les mois vous aurez acces a un buste realise au cours de ce mois en resine patinee (il faudra rajoute les frais de port en supplement)