Roquelaine Cyril is creating sculpture modeling and process video with clay

in the workshop with me

$2 /mo
For everyone pledging $2 or more, once I reach the first goal of $100/month, I will be sending out updates, behind the scenes images of works in progress,  I ll put several videos to show you  the...

some real tutorials just for you

$15 /mo
access to the previous tier PLUS  you have access every month to 2 masterclass videos, once I reach the first goal of $400/month, real tutorials arround the sculpture, the armature, the anatomy, th...

personal masterclass

$50 /mo
Access to the previous two tiers PLUS an hour of personal chat time where we can discuss any subject you desire. I worked in different worshop for different companies, in different scales and with...

the patined resin bust of the month just for you

$150 /mo
every month I'll sculpt a bust, in fantasy universe, monster or human, you could watch the process on a video, and at the end of the month I'll send to you the bust in patined resin, it would be ne...