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Hexual Fantasy

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Every Monday get a new page of Hexual Fantasy, the campy spooky sexy series

Eat Me

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Every Wednesday get a page of literal food porn! You'll also get access to Hexual Romance.

The Lady Eudora Henley

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Every Friday get a page of the super kinky lushly illustrated lesbian erotica. You'll also get access to Hex and Eat Me.




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About RosalarianXXX

I'm Rosalarian. I've been drawing smutty comics for a decade for sites/publications like Filthy Figments, Slipshine, and Smut Peddler. I have created a huge library of smut throughout the years, and I'm creating even more!

Here's what you'll get access to for backing this patreon:

$1+ Hexual Fantasy - one page every Monday

You get access to a brand new smutty series! A campy, weird, spooky series full of supernatural smut. Two stripper witches fight for ingredients to their beauty potion. A coven of lesbian vampires kidnap housewives and hypnotize them into killing their husbands. Cinderella turns to Satan instead of a godmother to help her. All kinds of depravity awaits your eager eyeballs, which are definitely not just a bowl of grapes. Spoooooky!

$2+ Eat Me - one page every Wednesday

In addition to Hexual Fantasy, you'll also get access to this series of literal food porn. Shy Rhonda gets splashed with a strange chemical that sends her to a land of anthropomorphic food people that will let her nibble if she seduces them first. But there's also monsters in this land eating people without asking first, so Rhonda's gonna get strong so she can fight them! It's a psychedelic candy colored sex buffet. Yum! Read a preview of this series.

$3+ The Lady Eudora Henley - one page every Friday

In addition to Hex and Eat Me, you'll get to read this lushly illustrated series about a newlywed woman, already dissatisfied with her sex life, lured into a world of lesbian kink by a depraved Mistress. This series isn't silly or campy, it's seriously sexy with a lot of dark undertones. Read a preview of this series.

Smutty pinups when you sign up!

As soon as you become a patron, you'll get a collection of a bunch of dirty pinups as a thank you.

Disclaimers and such:
Patrons will get to enjoy Hexual Fantasy updates a full year before anyone else, after which it may be posted elsewhere, but only I get to decide that. All characters depicted in sexual situations are over 18. Everything depicted should be understood as a fantasy and not sex ed. Get involved in your local kink community if you want to learn how to safely fulfill those fantasies in real life.

$349.51 of $1,000 per month
Hexual Fantasy will update two pages per week
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 296 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 296 exclusive posts

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