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Quarterly online hangouts to talk about ideas, what I'm up to, what you're up to, and more! Have questions about being a journalist/podcaster/bad sculptor? You can ask me! (Plus everything above.) 



About Rose Eveleth

Hi. I'm Rose Eveleth. I'm a journalist, and the host and creator of Flash Forward, a podcast about possible (and not so possible) futures. You can support that show on Patreon here!

But I also do lots of other stuff that doesn't fall under the Flash Forward umbrella — or whatever futuristic version of umbrellas yet to be invented. This Patreon is for the projects that I can't sell to The New York Times, or Slate, because they're "too weird," or hard for an editor to "see how this fits in here." It's for my screenplays, novels, short stories, Alexa apps, and strange art installations. It's maybe for other podcasts I want to work on, or art projects I want to do. You can see some of the projects I'm hoping to work on with your support on the left ← ← ← panel where it says "Goals." 

To give you a sense of how my brain works, I've made everything from GDPR Email Madlibs, to a choose your own path game about death, to World Cup announcer bingo.

This is an experiment, really, but I think it will be strange and fun and surprising and, hopefully, insights about how today and tomorrow both work.

Wait, who exactly are you? 
Great question. I'm a producer, writer, editor and artist who covers how humans tangle with science and technology. I've covered everything from fake tumbleweed farms to million dollar baccarat heists. I recently helped launch ESPN’s 30 for 30 Podcast. My work has appeared in The Atlantic, Smithsonian Magazine, Nautilus Magazine, CBS, Racked, Scientific American, Eater, The New York Times, Fusion, VICE, Five Thirty Eight, TED-Education and more. I co-edited the 2018 edition of What Future: The Year's Best Writing on What's Next for People, Technology, and the Planet, and my work has appeared in the Best American Science and Nature Writing. In my spare time I make paper automata and weird clay monsters.

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Secret Project #1: If I get 50 Patrons I'll be able to set aside some time to work on a project I've had on my brain for a long time, but haven't been able to make time for.

It's about surveillance, relationships, eavesdropping and magic. 
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