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About Spencer Barnes

Making games on the internet.
I host forum games. These are games held on online message boards, some are more focused on roleplaying, similar to D&D where I am the 'Game Master' and reveal to the players what their choices lead to, by rolling (electronic) dice and applying various rules that affect their outcomes. Some games are more abstract, more similar to a boardgame like Monopoly. I am still the host, and I keep track of any game pieces or information. However, my games are not 'D&D' or 'Monopoly', they are games I design myself. They often live somewhere in the middle of "roleplaying" and "abstract".

What kind of games?
Perhaps the players pilot giant robots and fight in an arena, or maybe they are racers in a lethal battle. It's always changing. I try out new ideas, and I revisit old ones to iterate upon them. For my 'big games', I like to include artwork, sometimes a 2D drawing, sometimes 3D models, often a blend of techniques. My games are simple to play, and deliver a 'big' experience.

Why a blog? Why Patreon?
Well, I already share this stuff with my mom and other family, so a blog seemed more organized. I was attracted to Patreon for a number of reasons. First, because it is an interesting challenge. By saying to the universe "yes, I will accept monetary expressions of gratitude" I find I take my work more seriously. It also opens the door to form a community and engage with them!

What skills/talents are used?
First, I design a game that is easy to understand, but also delivers the rich experience I strive for. Second, I host the game which involves guiding the players through their experience, tracking their moves, and delivering the outcome. Third, I try to go above in beyond in some way(s), sometimes that is just making a game they've never seen, sometimes it's adding art. Whatever it is, I always try to push the medium and myself and those brave enough, to trust me.
3 - reached! patrons
I'll take suggestions for a sketch featuring characters from my games. The final image will be available for everyone to see! Sorry, no OC requests(original characters).
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