Rose Loughran is creating Red Moon Rising

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Artwork and platitudes!

Thank you! You may now reserve the right to high five me should our paths ever cross.

Additionally, you gain access to the patreon activity st...

$2 /mo

You gain access to a bank of exclusive wallpapers that I'll be adding to monthly.

This is in addition to the previously mentioned:

  • High fives!
  • Sketches!

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Vote on what becomes a wallpaper!

There's about a million panels of Red Moon Rising which would probably make neat wallpapers, and now you have a say in which ones you would...

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Get your face in my comic!

Previously, to have a cameo in Red Moon Rising you would need to walk up to me on the street and flatter me tremendously. Now you merely have to p...

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I will draw your face!

Or any other face you like, really. My characters, your characters, fanart, family members, beloved pets - I will draw all of them.

Anyone pled...