Rosketch is creating drawings and fanarts

$1 /mo
i appreciate it so so much, all the kisses and hugs for you

$2 /mo
  • early acess to my published drawings
  • exclusinve access to my patron-only unpublished posts (wip and others) 
  • first to know when i update my commission etsy shop

$5 /mo
  • all previous rewards
  • monthly HD wallpaper
  • we can be snapchat buddies if you'd like to be and i'll send you privately of my drawing progress there

$7 /mo
  • all previous rewards 
  • soft copy of  atreon-only postcard every month (you can print them yourself at home )

$10 /mo
  • all previous rewards 
  • hard copy of special patreon-only postcard every month, with mini doodle and extra stuffs that's available (shipping cost already included)

$15 /mo
  • all previous rewards 
  • sketchbook compilation - every 2 months pledging (sent via email)

$17 /mo
  • all previous rewards 
  • access to secret nsfw blog, you can suggest me one theme every two weeks :)

$25 /mo
  • all previous rewards
  • personal simple sketch request every single month (if the month skipped, you can ask it on the next month)