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 Wow, you actually like me enough to spend actual real life money? Weird. 

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About RottenRotny

Hello all,

I finally caved and created one of these. :P

Being a touring musician is hard work and the pay is crap. If you enjoy Psyclon 9 and all my antics please consider subscribing to my patreon page.

We have lots coming up and you'll be able to check out tons of behind the scenes videos, pictures, tutorials and more for just a single buck. And if you want to spend more to provide even more support, hey thank you!

Listen, It's not easy doing this, especially in such a niche genre of music such as industrial metal. Most of us have to keep day jobs in between tours just to make ends meet.
Even if you don't give a damn about my nonsense every dollar goes towards helping us to keep doing what we do albums, touring, all of it. Everything helps.
$48 of $300 per month
When I reach $300 per month I'll invest in some better gear to take higher quality videos / audio.
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