is creating tutorials for the Pokémon series of video games
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Every little bit counts, thanks for the help friend!

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About RoughGiraffes

Hi friend!

What is this all about?
I create video guides for the Pokémon series of video games. I started making these video guides because I hated that whenever I looked up a guide it was either recorded poorly on a phone or someone talking for 5 minutes about something unrelated when the guide could have been 30 seconds long. I love creating guides that are quick and to the point.

What will your support help me with?
While I would love to do this full time, I have priorities in my life besides creating video guides for Youtube meaning I cannot focus all my time and funds on this. Your support would help me afford the tools I need to create high quality videos, such as software like Photoshop and Adobe Premier or hardware like game capture devices, and to be able to hire a part time (or potentially full time) editor so that videos can be created on a regular basis.

What do you get from all of this?
At the end of the day, you are supporting the creation of content that will benefit you and the entire Pokémon community as a whole. The more guides I can create, the more time everyone can save not searching for information and can spend more time playing the games we all love.

Thanks for reading friend <3
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I will be able to afford to pay for the adobe suite of editing software each month. It's hella expenny </3
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