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About Oleg "Rowaa[SR13]" Volkov

Greetings. I'm Oleg Volkov, author of Garrison Mission Manager and several other World of Warcraft addons.

I work full-time as a senior programmer, mainly specializing in highload, big data and realtime and relevant optimizations.

Here on Patreon I promote my World of Warcraft addon development that I do in my spare time. Thanks to my job specialization, from time to time I also get an urge to go on a quest to clean up my entire UI setup and inspect other author's addons, producing over years numerous patches to other popular addons to improve their performance and reduce memory usage. I was part of a team or submitted patches to Auctioneer, RSA, HaloPro, and Titan among others.

This page will serve two goals. First one - is to keep all my updates in one place and provide personal notes: stuff like upcoming feature announcements or why I made some changes or implemented some feature, what situation in game gave me idea or what problem in my gameplay got on my nerves enough so I opened editor to solve it. Those are long or personal enough to be bad fit for docs and change log, but will provide you with more insight on how to better use those changes for your advantage if you wish to read them. In the past I posted those in Curse comments section, but since it is quickly filled with feedback, it is pretty hard to find those notes again after several weeks.

And another goal: I would like to devote more time to addon development, so I ask you, people who use and enjoy any of my work, to support me. This is also an experiment to see if support would be strong enough for me to gradually start devoting time to contractual and on-demand jobs, thus freeing more time for addon development or even to be able to work on addons exclusively.
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This is minimum for me to start devoting more time for WoW development than just my evening game hour or so.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post

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