Rowan Kaiser is creating free-ranging pop culture criticism

$10 /creation
A Possibility Space ebook download.

$25 /creation
Runt's Raiders! Get a personalized cat picture and a Follow Friday on Twitter. Or whatever social network you so desire.

$40 /creation
Look, the main thing I'm good at is writing. So how can I created a specific reward for the thing I'm funding?

$60 /creation
Pretty Percy! Your personalized cat pic will be printed out and mailed to you, with pawprints or bitemarks.

$80 /creation
Like, a 15-minute Skype video call? I'll make the cats dance? That's all I have, cats and writing.

$100 /creation
Pick a game from my Steam library, and I'll do at least two hours of a Let's Play on it. (I reserve the right to reject it, but I can't imagine what I might reject short of Call Of Duty)

$125 /creation
At this tier you can make editorial suggestions! I mean, you could do that anyway, and I won't make any guarantees, but you're specifically invited to at this point.

$150 /creation
I will brush the cats, create a hairball, and mail it to you. Or I could print out one of my articles and sign it? That doesn't sound half bad. Probably better than the cat-hair thing.

$250 /creation
You can have the cat. Percy, that is. Be careful, he bites.
(you can't have the cat)