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About Rowan Rowden

Hey, I'm Rowan! 
I'm working to change the world around me for the better by creating guides, tutorials, helping other freelance artists grow their business in a sustainable fashion, and I'd like your help to do it.

I grew up in a tiny town in Ohio before later moving to South Carolina for high school. I grew up with an abusive father, leading to me moving out around my late teens thanks to the kindness and generosity of friends who were willing to take a chance on me. If I hadn't been a part of online communities, if I didn't have friends who were willing and able to make a space for me because they could, I wouldn't be here. 

I am where I am today because someone over ten years ago threw me a life raft. There are countless people growing up who are in similar positions who don't have someone to do the same, yet. While I can't offer a safe home to every single person who needs it, I can provide the tools that creators need to - going with the life raft analogy - build their own boat instead.

This started with Dual Wield Studio, a company I co-founded with Adrienne Cho back in 2018.  Dual Wield Studio was created as a force for change in the merchandising world where creators are often subjected to poor pay, spec work, unfair contracts and more. You can check out our about us page on our website here!

I have a history of creating content that's useful, relevant or helpful within my own community such as Twitter threads, resume/portfolio/store reviews, and being generally available for questions via DM or email. I've also spearheaded a bunch of projects in just the last year: 

Okay, so why Patreon? 

Well, Dual Wield Studio is successful and we're growing steadily. We get to make a lot of incredible things, work with some awesome partners and hire some of the most talented freelancers in the industry. Here's the thing, though! I will eventually be able to do all of the things I want through Dual Wield Studio but realistically those things take time, energy and most importantly: money.

Right now, Dual Wield Studio's initiatives are funded through extra money we make through our website or side clients I take on. I'm looking to set up a steadier, more consistent stream of income that allows me to focus on the side projects that will directly give back to the community.  Becoming a Patron means you're helping me and the rest of the creating community make the space a little friendlier and easier to navigate for everyone who comes after us.

Running Dual Wield Studio is a full-time job already, but I also have a handful of clients I work with that leads to far more than 40 hour weeks. Patreon will allow me, realistically, a little breathing room. I don't want this to turn into a third job to manage, so I'll be keeping the rewards as simple as I can for the time being.

What will your patronage help me achieve?

Creator Specific:
This list is based on multiple conversations with creators about what resources are missing within the industry. It's not a full list of everything that needs done, nor is it entirely inclusive of all of the issues creators face, but it's a start. 
✨Creation of samples of different kinds of merchandise. This allows me to learn how to make merchandise I might not normally make, and allows for you guys to have a say in what's created!
✨Ultimately: whatever you, as a creator or freelancer, need. Resources, tips, tricks are just the start of it. Have a request to make? Drop a comment, DM me on Twitter, or shoot an email to [email protected]
✨Q&A with lawyers, accountants, and anyone else who most freelancers won't have access to. 
✨Development (and consolidation) of resources specifically aimed at freelance artists and creators.
✨Creating a master list of manufacturers that anyone can have access to at the $1 level, making merchandise more accessible for anyone and everyone. 
✨Vetting overseas manufacturers rigorously, ensuring all manufacturers pay their employees well, are safe, etc.
✨How-to guides: booking travel for tradeshows/conventions, coordinating merchandise to/from shows, spec sheets for specific kinds/types of merchandise to make it more accessible. 
✨Networking events, Q&A dinners, other in-person resources with the ability to Skype or stream them for attendees who may not be able to visit in person.
✨ SO MUCH other stuff! This is just a tiny part of a huge list that was developed over the past two years so it might change and grow. 

Dual Wield Studio Specific:
✨Developing custom sizing for clothes to ensure that eventually, every Dual Wield Studio piece of clothing fits you how you want it to. This includes extended sizing.
✨Paid consultations with disability advocates to further tailor merchandise we create so anyone can buy and use it.
✨Bigger, in-depth projects that require more investment like 3D printed figures, custom-sized jackets cut and sewn in the US, specialized apparel and so on. Once I learn how to make something, I can share with everyone else how I got it made and how you can too!
✨Partnerships with independent game developers, writers, comic artists to help them create merchandise for their IPs.
✨Giving direct project management and client experience to artists and freelancers helping them get industry experience in a hands-on manner.

Want to make a one-time payment just to help out? Check out my Ko-Fi account here

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At $250 a month (post-taxes, Patreon fees, etc, estimated at $125 a month) I can dedicate a little more time to answering one-on-one inquiries, helping people coordinate shipments and answering general questions that arrive in my inbox or via DM.
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