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is creating survival stories.
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About Roxie Prince

Hello! My name is Roxie Prince, and I am an indie author. I have published three full-length novels, The Way We Go, Growth Spurt, and Ealanta, and three short horror collections, COMPENDIUM: A Horror NoveletteFLASH! (Vol. I), and BANG! (Vol. II). Stories are in my blood, and they literally saved my life.

I was born HIV+ and orphaned by AIDS at the age of ten. When my world was falling apart and everything felt terrible and frightening, I found solace in stories. I learned to read before kindergarten, and when I wasn't allowed to go to public school for the fear of an HIV+ child being around other kids, my father made sure my I had enough to satiate my voracious appetite. Often, when I thought I couldn't go on anymore, when things got too difficult, I turned to stories. I survived through books and knew that one day I'd write my own.

That brings us to decades later. I've achieved that dream, but because of my illness, I cannot supplement my income otherwise. I am legally disabled, and unfortunately, being an independent author doesn't make much money at all. In truth, I put more money into my writing than I make out of it. Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining. I would write anyway. I always have and I always will, but I would like to be able to one day make this self-sustainable. Maybe even be able to support myself by doing what I love and with my talent because isn't that what we all want?

Thus far in my indie author journey, I have done everything myself. I have done all of my own editing. I have done all of my own formatting for paperback and ebooks. I have designed all of my own covers. I do all of my own marketing. (This is the hardest part. The part that holds me and my work back the most.) All because I have absolutely zero dollars for a budget. With your help, I could put money toward these things, hopefully helping me create better work by giving me more time for actual writing, allowing me to better market my work, and to reach a wider audience.

My novels are about vulnerable young girls in difficult situations and their growth into strong, independent women. It's my goal to tell stories that empower girls (and boys) by telling survival stories. Because these types of stories are what helped shape me into the woman I am today, and I want to, hopefully, pay homage to the stories that gave me the strength to make it through my tumultuous childhood and young adulthood.

Young girls face great adversity every day, even in their simple day-to-day lives. They are bombarded by images on Instagram and elsewhere that tell them they aren't pretty or thin enough. They feel pressured constantly to fit into cookie cutter boxes to be just like everyone else to be acceptable. Not to mention if they struggle with their sexuality or their gender expression; that throws a whole other level of pressure on them to become someone they aren't. And their family lives might not be happy or nurturing or loving either, so if they can find a reflection of themselves in a story, even for a few hundred pages, it can make a huge difference. Fiction has immeasurable power.

Currently, I am working on two more novels. One is another companion novel to The Way We Go and Growth Spurt called Tell Her I Love Her. If you've read either of those, it is the story of Gloria's childhood and how she came to be the woman we know. The second book I'm working on is the sequel to Ealanta entitled Ealanta: The Golden City. I'm also working on my next several volumes of horror flash fiction. I particularly enjoy those stories. They break up the monotony of novel writing and let me flex my muscles. Finally, I'm slowly but surely working on a fictionalized story of my life. I have always wanted to write about my life with HIV, but it was only recently that I discovered a method that works for me. Writing about my life and my trauma is difficult in so many ways. It has overwhelmed me on more occasions than I can count. So, I decided to write it from the point of view of a fictional character, Abigail. It allows me to tell my story with a degree of separation that doesn't feel quite so overwhelming and suffocating. The story is true, but the characters are separate from myself. If that makes sense?

And on my blog,, I read and review books written (mostly) by other independent authors. It's a passion project of mine. Taking care of other independent authors is extremely important to me as it is a community that has brought a lot of goodness and joy into my life.

Here, to patrons, I will share original short stories as regularly as monthly but hopefully as often as a weekly basis. These short stories will be first drafts that patrons will get first glimpses of. Who knows if they will ever see the light of day beyond here, but they just might be Patreon exclusive editions. I will also give peeks into my writing process, share the occasional poem, along with chapters and notes from my novels, and ask for feedback and input from patrons. This will become a collaborative process, I hope, and together, we can create something really cool.

So, I know how valuable your dollars are. They are hard-earned and precious. If you deem me and my work worthy to give over one or more of those dollars, they will not be taken for granted. I will do my best to do right by them. I can promise you I work as hard as I can every single day to make the best work I can because this is what I do. This is not just something I do because it's a job -- it's truly my passion. I wake up with a fire in my belly every day to do it, and what is better than that?

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