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About roy12

Hey, I'm roy12.

I was also known as Bagserk when modding Skyrim. Sadly, right now, most of these mods are down because my MEGA account died a while ago.

I like to mod games, namely sometimes making outfits, editing them, etc. Somewhere in between, I discovered I also like to mod 3D eroges a lot, which is why I've been exclusively modding HoneySelect as of lately. I've also made mods for Artificial Girl 3 (very old ones), PlayClub and Sexy Beach Premium Resort.

One of the reasons I like sharing my mods is because I like making people who like the same things I do, happy.

I like to base myself in adult manga, my favorite adult manga artists are ShindoL (he has a Patreon, go check it out!), Takeda Hiromitsu, Mizuryu Kei, and recently Pija too (yes, I know what that means in spanish).

Your support keeps me going, since I spend all my free time doing this. Your support also allows me to have my own hosting for both my site and the mod files, which is way better than using free, public file servers.

You can find my site here. There you can find downloads for all of my mods.
Also, in case the site goes down because no hosting is perfect (sadly), I made a backup here. It gets updated weekly.

I will publish every new mod in Patreon and it will be Patrons only for 15 days. After these 15 days have passed, it'll become public automatically (might take me a day to publish it in the site, but you can get it from here in the meantime).

I also recently created a discord channel, you can get in through here.


What do I get if I pledge? (Updated on November 14th because of feedback and changes in financial situation):

$1 pledge:
Previews of work in progress.
Access to Patrons Only channel in the Discord where I post previews of work in progress.
If you're a Patron you should get the role automatically.
You can vote on polls.

$5 pledge:
All the previous rewards plus 5 days early access to new mods.

$10 pledge:
All the previous rewards plus 15 days early access to new mods.

Remember to only pledge if you can and if you want to support me, please do not feel forced to pledge.

Mods are never going to stay Patrons only forever though, and please do not ask me to make it so.

After the whole early access days are over (15 days), the mod goes free for all (but I'll only post the free for all post in my site due to Patreon's policy on adult content needing to be set to Patrons Only!).

Updates for existing mods will be freely available from the beginning.

If you're planning to pledge, try to pledge on the first days of the month, remember Patreon processes patrons at the end of the month, so if you pledge on a 29th you get charged that, and then again on the 1st of the next month. So it's much better to start your pledge on a 1st.

Thank you very much for your support.

$1,000 - reached! per month
As long as this goal is reached, I can focus solely on modding, which means faster releases and more content.

Living outside of my country means that I have to also pay for rent besides the food and any additional expenses, so with $1000 a month I can be sure I can get to the end of the month without issues.
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