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About Roy Stryker Photographers

In the summer of 2017, I got inspired by Roy Stryker and what he did in the 1930s to bring Americans together with his Farm Securities Administration (FSA) Photography Collection.  He hired Dorothea Lange, Gordon Parks, Jack Delano and Lewis Hine, among others, to document the rural life to 'Show America to Americans'.  The photographs from this Depression era changed the way people perceived folks in the rural areas, suffering in the dust bowl, living in poverty, etc.

I am doing the same, only showing the life of American people today. I am using only film documentary photographers, so that I can be assured that the photographs in the collection are authentic, and not photoshopped. And also to avoid the glut of submissions from phone snappers.

The goal is for film photographers to contribute to the collection, build it out to represent American life--the most ordinary and extraordinary parts of life here in the U.S.--in all 50 states.

We live in a time where we label people liberal or conservative, 1% or 99%er. What are we really? Do we even know? Is the Facebook picture our best side forward and not even true? Perhaps we're not seeing the real America?

If we had an accurate look of what our family or neighbors with opioid addiction looks like, or back from war with PTSD, or with a successful new business, or how they are training for the Olympics, or how they get by and not go to bed hungry--all kinds of real stories, positive and negative--could we impact Americans?

'Showing America to Americans'!

The news and the political climate make it seem like liberals and conservatives are worlds apart. But do we even know each other? Or are we just going off the stereotypes in our heads? -  Yes, I named it after him as a tribute. There's a lot of information on there, and I tried to answer the most pressing questions.

There is a curation of the images--not all images will be accepted.

There are invitations, based on the photographer's ability and quality of work, to become part of the collective of photographers contributing to the collection.

The form for submission requires a high-res photo as well as a low-res image of the neg/slide for authenticity purposes.

I would like to ultimately make the photographs:

1) on display on the Web site.

2) available for sale to publications--the photographer maintains all rights to their images at all times and would negotiate directly with the publications.

3) for a book project if the photographers would allow their photographs used.

4) eventually, if the photographers are willing, to offer the collection to the Library of Congress if we have created something exceptional.
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I'll hire another photo editor to work with me to build the collection.
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