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About Rozbrat

October marks 25 years of initiatives at Rozbrat, but its future is again at risk. The debt collector is planning to auction off the land that we occupy. We won’t give up Rozbrat without a fight!

About us

Rozbrat is a socio-cultural center located in Poznań. For many grassroots initiatives, which play an important role in the life of the city, Rozbrat serves as an organizing space. Above all, it is an open and non-commercial place.
We consider that after 25 years of activity, the land that Rozbrat occupies belongs to the social center. Nonetheless, debt collectors, real estate speculators, and their political cronies have once again taken legal steps to evict Rozbrat. After 10 years, again, with no regard for our history, activities, our rights and claims, or the case for adverse possession that is still pending in court, they want to auction off the land we occupy. On May 15, 2019, the debt collector appraised the value of the land, which opens the way to auction and, in the future, to forcefully getting rid of us.

Rozbrat is located inside one of the city’s green corridors, which are an old urban planning concept that involves the connection of urban parks with suburban forests. The spatial development plan adopted for this area foresees single-family housing. In this way, the developers’ interests were pushed through at the expense of the local residents. Real-estate development in this area means a reduction of the green corridor and in effect, more pollution in Poznań.

Formally, the state treasury holds the legal title to this property, but this fact has not stopped speculation on this land. It is Rozbrat activists and not the city authorities, who are defending the area against real-estate developers. We will fight to maintain social control over the Rozbrat area.

What we do:

Over 25 years, thousands of events were organized at Rozbrat: concerts, exhibitions, theatrical performances, lectures, seminars and workshops. Rozbrat has served as a space of daily activity for many grassroots initiatives: a social library and publishing house, a free bicycle workshop, a free school, a screen printing workshop, a sports club, a Food Not Bombs kitchen, and a a rehearsal room for various bands and musical initiatives.

Rozbrat has been, and continues to be, home to several generations of activists who set the tone for many important social debates and mobilizations. Activists who organize in Rozbrat and the Anarchist Federation have defended the interests of a great number of the residents of our city by supporting worker, tenant and environmental protests. It was we (together with the residents of the tenement house on Piaskowa Street), who founded the Wielkopolska Association of Tenants. We brought housing injustice to public light and blocked illegal evictions defending tenants with disabilities, seniors and parents with children from ending up on the street. It was at Rozbrat 15 years ago that the first meetings of the Workers’ Initiative trade union took place, in which legendary worker organizer Marcel Szary took part. Rozbrat has traditionally been the starting point for demonstrations in defense of Poznań’s parks and green corridors.

We have provided and we continue to provide organizational, legal and moral support to thousands of people who take a stand against capitalism and the state. We support many other autonomous groups in the country. We are building a movement of solidarity that promotes mutual assistance instead of the rat race. We have organized hundreds of rallies and demonstrations against the contempt directed at people with lower material status, different skin color and beliefs. This place has also become a temporary and permanent shelter for many homeless people. We defend the interests of the poor.

Defending Rozbrat is associated with, among others, legal assistance and the distribution of printed materials. Support us if you think that we should continue doing what we do.

Rozbrat celebrates, Rozbrat is here to stay!

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