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This is a universal gateway to the roleplay community, and a platform to let your creativity flourish. It’s built by roleplayers, for roleplayers:

Find roleplay, whether you’re looking for a new friend, or an adventure to plunge into, our goal is to connect you. No more waiting in taverns, scrolling forums, sieving infinite character lists, we’ll take the work off your hands so you can spend your time writing. Search everything, filter as you choose, and find what inspires you.Make all your characters, every profile is treated as its own entity, so your character gets treated as their own person. Switch between them with a click. Make as many characters as you want, across as many games as you desire. They’ll have their own page, their own friends list, their own adventure.

Everything is here, share your art, write blogs, post classifieds, communicate with on-site chat and mail. This isn’t just a character directory, it’s a platform for you to network on. Immortalize your story and engage the community.

Free, because as a community we’re exhausted with paywalls, microtransactions, and timegates. The more people we can offer this platform to, the stronger it will be. No advertisements will ever display on your profile pages, because that’s your space, and we hate the pollution. Choosing to support us financially will allow us to fund our upkeep and produce cosmetic upgrades for you, but none of our basic features will ever be stolen from our users.

Keep your anonymity, because we value privacy, and you deserve yours. What you share is your decision, and we leave that exclusively in your hands. On this website, the only face that matters is your character’s.

Distant and forgotten worlds are within your reach. Scout out the roleplay scene in other games, and ensure you have a home when you get there, or return to worlds of your past and find a community that cherishes the story.Over 5,000 characters await you. Expand your journey today and join them.

Some time ago, we launched this project because we felt roleplayers deserved a platform of their own. Collaborative writers are spread across so many different platforms, and the thing those share in common is that they were never intended to help us, specifically. They lacked the utility we desired, and we were often relegated to scrolling archaic forums, or re-purposing social networking sites to get what we wanted.

If you wanted to make an artistic collage of material that inspired your character, you had to go to a different website, and sacrifice the utility of the others. If you wanted to store your character details, you had to go to a dry database. If you wanted to connect, you risked grandma finding your gnome warlock on social media. Inside games, we were hoping on chance that we crossed paths.

This project aims to change that, and unify everything in one place.

Whether you’re an orcish barbarian, or an interstellar smuggler, we want this to be the platform for you, regardless of whether you roleplay in a game, on a forum, or through chat.

We want to bring your favorite universes to our platform; we’re here for everyone. Beyond massive-multiplayer-online games, we’re looking to welcome other collaborative writers out there. From standalone roleplaying games, to your favorite book series, and even worlds you create yourself.

(Logos used only as demonstrations of the userbases that utilize our website, each subject to copyright in respective order: World of Warcraft © Blizzard Entertainment; Guild Wars 2 © Arena Net; Star Wars the Old Republic © Electronic Arts; Runescape © Jagex)

That kind of expansion is going to bring in a diverse spectrum of characters, and we’re going to give you the power to control what you encounter. Render entire games or themes invisible to you, so you can focus on what you enjoy. Or, leave the gates open and chance meeting a friend who will invite you to a world you’ve never visited, and adventures you couldn’t have imagined before.

At the very nexus of your interaction with the website, we’re going to make it easier for you as a person to manage all your characters. This starts with a main page where you’ll have an overview of all the notifications you are receiving, across all of your creations. Know what’s happening, even when you’re focusing on another character. Set preferences that apply to your entire account. Even shelve characters, to put them away until you’re ready to enjoy them again.Sculpt your experience here, and stay in absolute control of it.

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Reaching this means we're done with the love-hate relationship and are moving on! Upon reaching this we'll say our farewells to the few ads we we used to support the site and rely solely on the generosity of our community.
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