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About DS-Studio

Why the Patreon?
RPG Campaign Manager is made first and foremost from Players for Players.
With your direct support, we can bring you what we hope the most feature rich and advanced cross-platform Campaign Manager for all RPG, not only D&D.
It's with your support, not only financial, that we can forge RPG Campaign Manager to be what everyone needs.

What does my money actually pay for?
The Patreon funds cover a variety of things but mainly development costs, which helps us plans and implement a variety of content and features such as:
  • iOS, PC/Mac Browser (HTML5) and Android Development
  • UI improvement
  • Graphic Assets for the Dungeon Builder
  • Character Sheets for all games
  • DB of all RPG Games and their Settings
  • Server Costs
  • And much more!

When does the new features will be implemented?
The Patreon page will be kept updated along our Facebook Page to keep you on par with any news.
We don't have any fixed dealine for each of the features and much depends on your support and feedback.

How can I support you?
First of all, THANK YOU. Your support means a lot to us, and we're incredibly grateful. You can help by contributing to the Patreon - even as little as a dollar a month can help us continue to work on this project.
And you’ll get rewards - for as little as $1/month, you can get lifetime Ad Free access to the software, increase the number of campigns you can create and access almost all current and future features.
Check all other tiers options to see what RPG Campign Manager can offer you.

What else?
Thank you. Thank you so much for helping us make this a reality.
$2 of $350 per month
Hire artists which will add more themes on character sheet templates!
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