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Just the Maps

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per month
  • Maps, Battlemaps, and RPGCrate Maps, all in High Res Digital format

You can print the maps for your game, use them for inspiration, or use them in Fantasy Grounds and other virtual tabletop systems.

Next Level!

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reward item
per month
  • Access to Just the Maps Tier
  • Access to RPGCrate Next Level Tier content in High Res Digital format

Next Level content includes digital versions and variations of expanded dungeon levels, often with adventure content and room descriptions expanding upon the RPGCrate storyline.

Digital Dungeon Master

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reward item
per month
  • Access to all the previous tier rewards
  • Access to the full Digital RPGCrate

RPGCrate Digital includes Adventure Cards, Recipe for Adventure, MonsterLore, Initiative Trackers, and more!  The Digital Crate begins with Season Five (Crate #49 August 2020).  Digital versions of RPGCrates prior to Season Five are not available through Patreon.



About RPGCrate

Do you love tabletop role-playing games?  Are you searching for a way to save time on game prep?  Welcome to RPGCrate: Next Level!

To best understand this Patreon, please allow me to tell you about RPGCrate.

The crate, which can be purchased at www.RPGCrate.com, is a monthly membership club that delivers tabletop RPG treasure to your door.  Please take a moment to visit our website, learn all that you can about the crate, and then come back here.

Welcome back!  Now that you know more about RPGCrate, we want you to know our favorite part is not only all of the goodies you receive, but especially the series of adventure cards with maps.

Each highly versatile card includes an adventure, a map, and new creature stats. The adventures can be run as one-shots, in a series for the month, or stretched across multiple months to form a larger campaign.  If only we had more space for multiple layers of dungeons or if we could expand on that graveyard...  Hmm...

What is Next Level! the Patreon?
We're taking the rpgcrate experience to the next level by presenting the Adventure Card maps as digital content and expanding them with more maps, more dungeon levels, new creatures, and even a guest writer or artist here or there.  You can add all this new content to your RPGCrate experience or seamlessly drop it into your home campaign.

By becoming a Patron you gain access to bonus material: digital maps without numbers and Next Level! additional content such as deeper dungeon levels, side adventures, new creatures, creature variants, secret recipes from Recipe for Adventure, and other exclusive content each month.  As our Patrons help us achieve each goal, we add more items and features for everyone to enjoy.

What system are you using?
Most everything in this Patreon will be system neutral and usable in most any tabletop role-play game.  For the monsters and stats, we're using 5th Edition to start, but we plan to add more systems as we gain more support.

I can google free stuff all day long.
RPGCrate: Next Level! provides new and creative content that is thematically tied to a greater story arc, and it requires little to no preparation to add to your existing campaign or provide the basis for starting a new one.  Best of all, it includes exclusive content guaranteed to bring a sense of mystery into your games.

Do I have to subscribe to RPGCrate?
The simple answer is no.  All we ask is that you consider it.  Next Level! content can be enjoyed all by itself if you wish to just plug it into your home game. However, we encourage you to subscribe to both the crate and the Patreon and combine them for an epic experience!

Why Patreon?
We're a small in-house business and truly humbled by the epic response we've had for RPGCrate.  With your support, we hope to take the business to the Next Level!, possibly hiring more artists and writers to create even more content.  Making this all thematically part of our monthly crate is one small way of saying "Thanks for being a member."

It is with sincere appreciation that we say Thank You for being part of our journey.  From the customer who purchased dozens of past crates from us this year, to the customer who emailed and said "I have no idea what this is, but my grandson loves it," we love you all right back!  Thank you for considering RPGCrate Next Level! and thank you for putting your trust in us to deliver a quality product.  We promise to always try our best.

If you have questions or are on the fence and want to chat, please send me an email: [email protected]

16 of 200 patrons
When we reach 200 patrons, we will add another patron Tier.  Something like "The Royal Library."  Sounds like that might have lots of books in it, or maybe an archive of lost adventures, ancient legends from distant lands!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 101 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 101 exclusive posts

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