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Your contribution helps us to cover our project related expenses and is encouragement for us, to keep going with this project.

In exchange you will get in advance information from recent developments that will not appear - or several days leater - in our blog or other channels.


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Wow! We are very happy, that you value our work that much. Those of you that support us on this level, shall get a right to say a bit more in this project. In addition to the lower tier, you can take care in surveys we make every now and then. In addition to the lower level tiers benefits, we offer you access to Beta releases of our software (which isn't always good, since it might include bug hunting ;-) )

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We are lost for words. Honestly - this is a sum only very few are willing to pay for something, that they could have for free.

We will give you digital copies of the commissioned illustrations for your personal use.
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About RPGFramework

this page addresses all users of the roleplaying software Genesis, which I developed together with my wife. "Us" that is me, Stefan Prelle (taranion) and Anja Prelle (tacaheca) and we both are tabletop roleplayers since approx. 30 years and software developers.

What is Genesis?
Genesis started 2014 as a free software to help create and manage characters for the new german roleplaying system "Splittermond". Time passed, our ambitions grew and we started to incorporate support for further roleplaying systems and developed plans for an extendable gamemaster tool and  other applications. Since fall 2018 we began supporting English as an additional language and opened the application to international players.
Currently we are supporting character management for "Splittermond" (geman only), "Space 1889 (Ubiquity)",  "Shadowrun 5" (german, english in progress) and "Coriolis".
Since we are a fan project, we are open for supporters - whoever wants to help as data editor, translator, tester or developer is welcome.

Why Patreon?
Genesis is a free fanproject. Most of all the source of our motivation is the positive feedback we receive from you and the knowledge that there are people out there who use "our baby". Thank you all - you are awesome and the reason that I am investing approx. 2h daily of my spare time in this project.
It is also true that the more we expand the application, the more time consuming it gets to take care of the applications. We are happy that every now and then people appear who like to help one way or the other. Some of them help more regulary, so over time something like a team shaped itself. And that is the point where growth became a financial factor.
To work together effectivly you need tools that help exchange data, ideas, documentation and tasks - in our case a task management system, a Wiki, a source code repository and a build server - in addition to our already existing website. This software must be either bought and run on rented hosts or rented as a cloud service - and you can help us shoulder this burden.
Last but not least, some users simply like the idea of supporting us regulary as a thank you for our contineous efforts.

What do I get for my money?
That is an interesting question for a project that publishes free software, since you already get our best product. Your patronage is the finest positve feedback we could hope for and it really increases our motivation to keep on working on the project and invest time into improvements and bug fixes. In addition to that we can offer different level of involvement into project interna - starting with  in advanc information, polls and alpha or beta versions of the software.

What Do you do with the money?
First of all pay our running expenses like server rent, domain costs or software licenses. Additional money will be used to commission artworks for use in our applications. Other than that we use the money to reward ourselves.

$280 - reached! per month
With €230/$280 per month I can afford to commission two new illustrations each month.
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