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Patrons who enlist at least $2 towards the cause get a host of initial benefits:

Character Sheets
- As changes are made to the system, character sheets need to be updated! These are released as printable PDFs for you and your fellow adventurers.

Discord Access
- We are over on the Omniverse discord, our parent network. You get full access to the discord as well as the RPG From Scratch channel, where you can talk with us and other listeners who enjoy our content as well as other nerdy stuff.

Cutting Room Floor
- A ton of content gets cut for time. Any of it that we find entertaining or informative, we edit and release as bonus episodes for our patrons so that you can see what we're really up to outside of the game

- Occasionally, we need help deciding on things. Whether its the name of a town, the number of heads on a monster, or on a new T-shirt design, we want to include you in those decisions
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reward item
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Patrons who dedicate at least $5 get everything in the Adventurer tier, as well as two huge extras:

- We build the rules as we go, adding them to the wiki. However, for the modest price of $5 a month, you get access to the newest versions of our PDFs that include artwork, character sheets, short fiction and best practices! These are delivered via printable PDFs with graphics, cheat sheets, and tons of extras

Early Episodes
- Veterans get episodes the moment that they are done editing. Schedules? Who needs 'em?



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RPG From Scratch is a podcast where we create and play our own tabletop RolePlaying Games and share them with the world. Become a patron to join in the discussion, create NPCs, and get access to exclusive rewards that will make you the envy of your niche nerd community!

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