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Welcome to RPG Guide’s Patreon page! Let’s begin.
RPG Guide is a site and YouTube channel that offers advice, tricks, builds, and much more, all centered around tabletop RPG’s. It is a culmination of my experiences, needs (things I needed as a DM or player that I’m passing on so you can save time looking for them yourself), and questions I have been frequently asked. I’ve been a DM for over 10 years and a player for even longer. I was inspired to create this site based on a conversation with a friend who convinced me to go back to you to creating D&D videos on my YouTube channel. But some things don’t transfer well into video compared to reading it for yourself. Thus RPG guide was born.
Let’s be honest- when most people think of tabletop RPG’s they think Dungeons & Dragons. This is not the case. While this is the most common it does not cover the experience as a whole. Hence the name RPG guide not D&D guide. D&D will have significant impact between RPGguide and YouTube for two reasons. The first is that most DM advice applies to all tabletop RPG’s, but having it specifically mention D&D allows more people to find the help they need since most Google their questions in terms of D&D. The second reason is similar to the first, as D&D is the hot search item which will help me get my content out there easier. However, D&D is not all the site will cover. I will also cover Necessary Evil, Werewolves the Apocalypse, Pathfinder, and Starfinder to name a few..
What Does this Patreon Cover?
This is my blog. This will be an ad free site (since I hate reading blogs with a bunch of ads I do not want to subject to my readers to it). The goal will be to have at least one or two articles per week (depending how my life is going every week it may be more or less but it is a goal I’m setting for myself and would rather fight a black dragon then fail this goal). I will be going over DM advice, new player advice, and the whole assortment of other things.

Balancedpyro (Youtube)
This is my YouTube channel where I started making D&D videos in college and am now getting back into the swing of things. Some of these will be more visual-based (hence the visual format) but others will work well either in video or on the site and the reason there on YouTube and not the site is because I thought it was fun to make a video out of it.

Where’s the Tier System?
RPG guide and my YouTube channel are both created around the idea of helping new and experienced DM’s and players. What use would it be if some of the answers were pay walled? I want everyone to have access to everything I do and therefore I'm throwing out the tiered system. If you want to send me a couple bucks for the worker do I would be grateful.

I Encourage You to Ask Me Questions, That’s Why I’m Here.

I enjoy helping out people (I do it a lot in my community already) so don’t hesitate to ask. If you are having trouble with something really complicated I would love to give you a second opinion. If you are nervous about asking what seems to be a really stupid question don’t be. Chances are you are not the only one. I’ve had players struggle for months because they're too embarrassed and I do not want this to be a place of embarrassment. Heck, I even have an article showing you how to read dice which may seem obvious to most, but not everyone.

Do I Get Anything for Giving Money?

My eternal gratitude. But in all seriousness I will prioritize you if you need help. I accept questions and topics from everyone in my community, but you will be put on top of the list. It can be anything from advice, builds, recommendation of a system or whatever. If you want I can make it into an article or video or if you prefer just give you the advice personally. In addition your name will be at the end of all my youtube videos.

Finishing Thoughts

That should cover most of it but I will revise this is if anything else comes up. Whether you decide to support me or not I would like to give you my thanks for joining me on this journey. I’m excited to see where this will take me!
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