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About RPG Inferno

We are a small team of three enthusiastic friends. For more than 18 years we have been working to help people share their creativity with the world. Our products are aimed to ensure that a person who is passionate with an idea doesn't have to worry about how to tell others about it, or where to find the funds and means to implement it. We provide everything you need and you just create.

RPGInferno is our product for all lovers of tabletop role-playing games, no matter if you are playing with your friends in a cafe, or online via Discord or Zoom. Create, design quickly and easily. There's nothing superfluous in our editor, just the essential functionality that lets you create a simple and clear map without any major effort. We believe in giving players the freedom of imagination. The map detail is minimalistic, but functional and extremely clear to creators and players alike.

The flagship editors at the current stage of platform development are:
  • Hexagonal Editor, which allows the creation of maps of kingdoms and even entire worlds. Its special feature is the ability to create multi-level locations, with the classic ground and underground levels as well as an aerial level.
  • RPG map editor, where you can easily create sets of locations for a tabletop party, like a Smuggler's Cave or a Baron's Castle. A large set of pre-generated object sprites allows you to easily prepare new maps quickly as your story progresses.
  • Special mention should also be made of the RPG icon editor. There you can create various icons and sprites from vector primitives, use them on your maps or share them with other users. You can also download them and use them in your projects for free.

While other editors are trying to get money out of authors for every extra icon, we provide users with a full set of tools right from the moment of registration and no more hidden costs! You'll have the full functionality of all eight editors at your disposal, a set of all textures and assets prepared by us, as well as an open, custom game resource library.

You can sign up for a small donation, thus contributing to the development of the tabletop RPG community, and allowing us to maintain the project. We will continually add to the texture and asset library, and develop new free tools.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post

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