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This donation level has no reward, except it does--free education. Higher education is expensive. Many students are unable or unwilling to go into debt for student loans. Donating to RSD Academy helps keep education free. Even small donations make a big difference. Thank you.

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You will have access to our videos 24 hours before they go public. I will also occasionally give access to raw video and partially edited videos before they are polished and ready for prime time.

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Everything from lower tiers plus you will receive access to my not yet published textbooks (works in progress) and not yet published future editions of existing textbooks.




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About RSD Academy

There is a growing need for trained electronics technicians. Many industries, including computers, telecommunications, medicine and many more rely on electronics technicians to operate and maintain their equipment and infrastructure. The need is increasing as yesterday's generation of technicians retires to be replaced by the next generation.

Unfortunately, opportunities to train in electronics technology are waning. Despite the need for more technicians, many schools have had trouble attracting students and have discontinued their electronics programs. Other schools, unable to meet strict government regulations have been shut down by the government. Yet others have shut down voluntarily. Companies and government agencies have a critical need for more electronics technicians and are having difficulty finding qualified people.

This is why I created RSD Academy ( I developed these classes at a nationally accredited vocational school and now I'm putting them online for free. By providing free online education I don't have the problems that are forcing brick and mortar schools out of electronics or out of business altogether. I don't have to jump through government bureaucracy hoops and I don't have to choose between quality education and profit.

However, free education is not free. Therefore, I am appealing to those who benefit--either students who benefit directly or businesses that benefit indirectly--to voluntarily donate to help me develop RSD Academy.

If you are unable to donate you can still help. The textbooks and video lectures at RSD Academy are free for anyone to use. Students may use RSD Academy as an online course in electronics technology. Instructors at brick and mortar schools are also free to use the materials to supplement their curriculum. Whenever you watch a video lecture at RSD Academy (see RSD Academy on YouTube), assuming you aren't using a ad blocker, I receive advertising revenue. You can help by watching, giving my videos a thumbs-up and telling others about RSD Academy. So please help by donating or spreading the word.

Bob DuHamel
RSD Academy

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This modest goal will allow me to devote more time to RSD Academy. A lot of work is still in development. If I can devote more time this will go a lot faster.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts

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