RSD Academy is creating free vocational education

Free Education

$1 /mo
This donation level has no reward, except it does--free education. Higher education is expensive. Many students are unable or unwilling to go into debt for student loans. Donating to RSD Academy he...

Early Access

$3 /mo
You will have access to our videos 24 hours before they go public. I will also occasionally give access to raw video and partially edited videos before they are polished and ready for prime time.

Not Ready for Prime Time

$5 /mo
Everything from lower tiers plus you will receive access to my not yet published textbooks (works in progress) and not yet published future editions of existing textbooks.

Your Name and Link at RSD Academy

$10 /mo
You are a big help. You will get your name with a link to your website or YouTube channel (family friendly only) on our contributors page at RSD Academy. Of course, business names are allowed. Plea...

Your Name Big and Bold

$25 /mo
You will get your name or your company name listed in bold face with a link to your company website on our contributors page. Go to for information about possible additio...


$50 /mo
We have reserved space for banner ads at the top of our textbook pages. We are currently showing ads from Google, but intend to provide this space to companies that donate to RSD Academy at Patreon...