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Welcome to Rosemary Media.

We are a multimedia company/community/website/group of chumps that just want to entertain others by talking about the things that entertain us. We had a vision to combine all the things that we love into a sort of one-stop-shop that's kept up to date on all of the latest releases across all forms of media. We have a website that is updated near-daily with articles, impressions and videos pertaining to music, film, television and video games at, we stream games live on our Twitch Channel, we post original content on our YouTube channel, we record multiple different podcasts and even with all of that, we still want to do more. Lots more.

And that's where you come in.

All of us here at Rosemary Media have full time jobs and personal lives that make it so that we can't create as much as we'd like to. Such is life. But with your help and a little funding we can keep this little boat afloat and quite possibly even upgrade to an even bigger boat with a sail and shit. And then we'll walk planks and get in sword fights and find treasure and harpoon sharks and do everything it is that people do on boats.

Unfortunately, hosting all of this stuff isn't free. And in order to grow and pay those that volunteer their free time already as well as find new faces to freelance and create written reviews and exclusives, we are going to need some funding. We want to only offer one tier - $3 per month - that's $.69 cents a week (nice) or $.09 cents a day or however you want to configure it - but that's all that we feel comfortable asking from you. Your contribution means that we can keep doing what we love - talking about music, arguing about movies, raising our fists at cable television and glossing over new games that may never see the light of day. The details are still being worked out as far as the tiers are concerned but in the meantime we'd just like to thank you for even considering supporting us. It's pretty cool of you.
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When we reach $500.00 a month we will go back to a weekly schedule - produced videos, live shows or game streams all happening Monday-Thursday guaranteed with the possibility of more. The same business that you're used to plus some new ideas we've been sitting on for awhile.
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