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About rsn8887

Thank you for coming to my Patreon page!

I work hard to create Vita and Switch ports or improve existing Vita, Switch and PSP apps, such as the Amiga emulator UAE4All2 for Switch and Vita, the adventure game engine port ScummVM Vita/PSP, the arcade emulator port PFBA Vita, and several others.

Following are some examples of my recent work.

Collaboration with Sonninnos to improve Retroarch PUAE core (Amiga emulator):
PUAE Improvements

Mouse speed option in Retroarch Dosbox-SVN core (MS-DOS emulator):

Collaboration with Sonninnos to improve the Retroarch Vice cores (C64, C16, Plus/4 emulators):
Vice Improvements #1
Vice Improvements #2
Vice Improvements #3

Improvements to Diablo-NX Switch:
Implemented direct touch controls and more

Recent enhancements to Retroarch Switch (multi-system emulator):
Implemented touchpad-style mouse controls with gestures

Recent improvements to ScummVM Switch (adventure game engine):
Implemented direct touch controls
Configured buildbot to build nightly versions for Switch
Wrote documentation for Switch port on official wiki

Switch port of Hurrican (freeware jump'n'shoot game):

Switch port of OpenRCT2 (theme park management game):

Recent improvements to Julius Vita and Switch (city-building game):
Fixed video stuttering on Julius Vita
Fixed audio lag in Julius Switch

Recent Retroarch enhancements (multi-system emulator)
Bluetooth keyboard and mouse support on Vita
USB keyboard support on Switch and
USB mouse support on Switch
Caprice32 CPC core on Switch

Switch port of OpenTTD (railroad-building game)

Control enhancements to angguss' Vita port of OpenTTD (included in latest release):

PSP-Vice enhancements (C64 emulator):

Uae4All2 Vita enhancements and Switch port (Amiga emulator):

Switch port of Julius (Caesar 3 city-building game)

Control enhancement to devnoname120's Vita port of Julius:

Vita and Switch ports of Jump'n'Bump (multiplayer battle game):

Vita and Switch ports of Rocks'n'Diamonds and Mirror Magic (skill games):

Vita and Switch ports of Cannonball (enhanced Outrun engine):

Vita and Switch ports of Enigma (skill/puzzle game)

Enhancements to p-sam's Switch port of Super Mario War (multiplayer battle game):
I added options to enable/disable split joycon mode and linear graphics filtering:

Adrenaline Vita patch with added shader "sharp-bilinear-simple" (PSP/PS1 games on Vita/VitaTV):

ScummVM Vita/PSP enhancements (adventure game engine):

Basiliskii Vita enhancements (Mac emulator):

SDL library for Vita enhancements and maintenance (used by many apps):

SDL library for Switch physical keyboard and mouse support:

Sharp-Bilinear-Simple Shader (enhanced image quality in many apps):
This shader, based on TheMaister's work, has been accepted into the RetroPie, Retroarch and Vita-Shader-Collection repositories. It is now used on the Vita in UAE4All2, PFBA, SDL-POP, and SDLpal to improve the image quality, and there's also a version for the Amiga emulator FS-UAE for Windows and Mac. It will soon be available as an option in Adrenaline on the Vita.

Touch input module:
I created a touch input module with gesture support for Vita and Switch. This module is currently being used in Retroarch Switch, OpenRCT2 Switch, OpenTTD Vita/Switch, Julius Vita/Switch, ScummVM Vita/Switch, UAE4All2 Vita/Switch, BasiliskII Vita, Enigma Vita/Switch, Rocks'n'Diamonds Vita/Switch, and in Rinnegatamante's Vita port of the imGUI library that powers the menu system in many homebrew apps.

Older Retroarch enhancements (multi-system emulator):
Proper Vita button labels
Proper Switch button labels
4-player support in the C64 core
Quick menu palette selection in the C64 core  

My latest releases and/or contributions are always updated on VitaDB and Vita Homebrew Browser
and on Switchbru

My blog is here:

By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts

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