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Pledge $1/month or more, and you can access working chapters of upcoming novels, in-progress photos of paintings, songs released as singles, and also access my Discord chat server!  
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In addition to everything listed above, you will gain access to a download of The Lemon Kittens EP, a selection of three covers recorded for Karl Blake's 50th birthday, and mp3 downloads of all forthcoming music projects!

Everyone donating at this level also basically is subscribing to my music. :-) Full albums and EPs will post here before (sometimes just before) going up on my Bandcamp. :-)

Plus, exclusive Café Society Discord chat to everyone donating at this tier or higher!

 The first two-hundred people to donate at $5/month will get a CD-R copy of The Lemon Kittens EP  (Everyone else after 200 will also be able to download the mp3 version and subscribe to my music, of course.)

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In addition to everything listed above (including exclusive Café Society chat channel), you'll gain access to download all video projects (mostly silent film soundtracks edited onto the films), including my "lost" Ann Arbor Art Fair 2008 guerilla theatre piece "Bologna Boy"

The first two-hundred people to donate at $10/month will get a DVD-R copy of Music for Un Chien Andalou (©2006, w/ Jason Crowe) and a CD-R of The Lemon Kittens EP.  (Everyone else after two-hundred will also have access to digital downloads of my video and audio projects, of course.) :-)
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About Ruadhán

I'm an artist, musician, and writer living in the Ann Arbor/Ypsilanti, Michigan area.  I'm also a DJ at Las Vegas' dark alternative Internet station,  I've written two novels and have completed several paintings, an EP (as This Is Where the Fish Lives) and an industrial/noise soundtrack for Un Chein Andalou (with Jason Crowe, a.k.a. Pandable), and am working on new music with harmonium, autoharp, viola, recorder, nd other instruments.  Unfortunately, living on disability allowance and income from my Artfire shop and local custom button work, money is tight and that means an especially restricted life and thus limited opportunities for new projects.  The closer I have to a living wage (much less a comfortable one), the better.  My goal is to live on just my creative outlets, and hopefully this will help pave the way to that reality.

Reward tiers and named from 1920s slang.
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As a DJ at WFKU, I do get complimentary downloads from musicians and labels, but that only really applies to new releases.  I would love to maintain the same variety of older and newer music that I had at my previous engagement at WCBN-FM in Ann Arbor, so this means either hell of crate digging, or at least hell of downloads.  A little bit extra would be a HUGE help in this goal.

At this level, I can also do regular videos for on various topics.
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