Ruben Bolling

Ruben Bolling

creating Tom the Dancing Bug
$3 per month
  • This is the Patreon version of the INNER HIVE Club that's been going on since 2012.  It's the club that literally saved the comic strip.
  • You get access to the weekly INNER HIVE message with each week's comic the day before it's published online, plus commentary, preliminary artwork, extra comics, contests, recipes, word-find puzzles, hot celeb tips and whatever else I can think of.
$6 per month
  • You're a member of the INNER HIVE, with all its rights, privileges and responsibilities.
  • PLUS every January, those who have been in the INNER HIVE PLUS tier for the entire previous year will get four high-resolution files of Tom the Dancing Bug comics. 
  • PLUS you get access to archived content
$15 per month
  • Every January, those who have been in the THE INNER HIVE'S SUPER FUN PACK for the entire previous year will get mailed to them some gift from the Tom the Dancing Bug studio.  Could be a signed/sketched book, an original sketch, an original illustration that was actually a component of a comic, or Something Else (tm)!  It's a "Mystery Box"!
  • Plus all previous rewards
  • Super fun!
$29 per month
  • WHAT???
  • I'm just amazed you're still reading this, and shocked, honored and flattered that this is even being offered, although, to be fair, I myself am the one offering it.
  • Okay, every January, those who have been in THE INNER HIVE'S THISISCRAZYWHATNOWAY for the entire previous year will get their choice of a custom one-panel illustration of whatever they want (subject to law and good taste) OR a signed print of the comic of their choice; AND they will get a phone call to discuss Tom the Dancing Bug, comics, comedy, politics, the Mets, or anything else they like, OR even a meet-up if we are in the same general geographic location.
  • Plus all previous rewards, and a crazy amount of gratitude from me and all Tom the Dancing Bug fans around the world.
$59 per month

Okay, every January, those who have been in THE INNER HIVE'S LEGION OF ETERNAL HONOR for the entire previous year become my actual best friend, and are entitled to:

  • Late night phone calls ("You hang up first." "No, YOU hang up first!");
  • One musical montage of the two of us frolicking around town: e.g., in a rowboat (you accidentally splash me with the oar); both of us playfully engaging with a street performer; you coming out of the changing room of a clothing store multiple times, in different outfits, with me nodding "no," until you emerge in something sufficiently badass;
  • I come up with a crazy and creative, but effective way to deal with your bully;
  • One trip to South America where we try peyote in a cave;
  • Plus all previous rewards, EXCEPT the four high-res files.
$99 per month
  • Before you join, think well upon whether you can shoulder the awesome burdens and responsibilities that are conferred upon each Knight of the Dancing Bug Order, sworn to protect and preserve the sanctity and well-being of the Tom the Dancing Bug comic strip, and utilize all your prodigious strength, skills, and creativity to lift it to new heights of honor.

  • Following each full calendar year of membership, you shall receive an original, personal Membership Card, labored upon and crafted by my own hand, and lovingly laminated at a lamination vendor to be determined, exclaiming to all whose gaze falls upon it, whether displayed on your sailing vessel, in your voluminous study, at your summer home in The Azores, or in your velcro Scooby-Doo wallet, that you are a Leader of the highest of Inner Hive Orders, with a Venerated Seat at the Tom the Dancing Bug Table.

  • All previous rewards, INCLUDING the four high-res files, and the gratitude, fealty, and undying admiration of myself and all constituents of the Tom the Dancing Bug horde, both within the Inner Hive and without.

  • Super fun!